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5 Best Duplicate Files Finder for Mac in 2022

  Santosh Kumar Gupta   July 28, 2021   Optimization     Speedup Mac

Here’s the list of best duplicate file finders in 2022.1. SpeedUp MacCompany: Stellar Information Technology Private LimitedRatings: 4.7 out of 5 on TrustpilotStellar SpeedUp Mac is a duplicate file finder and startup disk clean-up application design...

How to Declutter My Mac

  Santosh Kumar Gupta   June 04, 2021   Optimization     Speedup Mac

Table of Contents Declutter Your Desktop Remove Infrequently Used Login Items Uninstall Inessential Apps Delete Unneeded Downloads Delete Duplicate Files Clear Inessential Caches Delete Inessential Logs Delete Language Files Delete App Lefto...

Is Antivirus Slowing Your Mac Performance?

  Santosh Kumar Gupta   June 03, 2021   Optimization     Speedup Mac

Does Mac Need Antivirus? Mac running on the latest macOS has built-in security features such as XProtect, Gatekeeper, Notarization, and Sandboxing. These security features protect your Mac from various Internet threats. So, you might think that th...

How to Remove Old iOS Backup from Mac?

  Santosh Kumar Gupta   June 02, 2021   Optimization     Speedup Mac

You might be taking backups of your iOS device to your Mac regularly to ensure you don’t lose any essential photos and videos that you capture on the device. So, the chances are your Mac storage drive has multiple backups; one is recent, and the rest...

How to Clear Caches on Mac

  Santosh Kumar Gupta   May 24, 2021   Optimization     Speedup Mac

What are Caches? Caches are temporary files stored on your iMac or MacBook storage drive that decrease the future load time of your system, applications, and websites. Caches are of three types. Types of Caches System Cache - Stored by macOS to...

How to Find and Delete Large & Old Files on Mac

  Santosh Kumar Gupta   May 21, 2021   Optimization     Speedup Mac

Your Mac hard drive or SSD has a fixed storage space. So, when you use your iMac, MacBook, or Mac mini, macOS will eventually use up the storage space, and you’ll run into the “Your disk is almost full” notification. To fix this problem, you need to...

8 Fantastic Software to Clean Up Mac Disk [2022 Edition]

  Santosh Kumar Gupta   April 14, 2021   Optimization     Speedup Mac

Cleaning up your Mac from caches, application traces, leftovers, trash items, duplicate files, and other junk files frees up drive space and boosts system performance. But manual cleanup isn’t always helpful, as most users aren’t aware of what to cle...

Macintosh HD Free Space Not Increasing Even after Emptying Trash

  Santosh Kumar Gupta   November 17, 2020   Optimization     Speedup Mac

“My Macintosh HD was running short of free storage space. So, I deleted a few inessential files from the drive and then emptied the Trash. To my surprise, the Finder window didn’t show the increased free space in Macintosh HD. Please help resolve the...

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