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How to Use Get-MessageTrackingLog in Exchange Server?

  Abhinav Sethi   March 31, 2021   Reporter & Auditor     Auditing

MS Exchange has message tracking logs which admins can use to fetch message delivery details and monitor mailbox traffic. These logs are available in both on-premises Exchange and Office 365 environments. In an on-premises Exchange server, you can ac...

How to Enable Mailbox Audit Logging in Exchange Server?

  Abhinav Sethi   March 22, 2021   Reporter & Auditor     Auditing

As mailboxes contain sensitive and confidential information, it becomes vital for organizations to track users who log on to the mailboxes stored on the server and the actions taken by them, such as deleting mailbox items, changing mailbox permission...

How to Audit Non-Owner Mailbox Access in Exchange?

  Abhinav Sethi   November 08, 2020   Reporter & Auditor     Auditing

When a mailbox on Exchange server is accessed by a non-owner, the server records this activity in a mailbox audit log (if “mailbox audit logging” feature is enabled). This log is saved as an email in a hidden folder in the mailbox itself. In this l...

Exchange Server Auditing Tool - Auditing of Windows Server, Active Directory & File Server

  Abhinav Sethi   April 21, 2020   Reporter & Auditor     Auditing

Auditing of Windows Server is required to detect changes within the systems, primarily, Active Directory, MS Exchange and File Servers. The monitoring of Windows servers helps in enhancing systems’ security and to reduce risks of unwanted changes and...

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