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How to Monitor the Mailboxes in Exchange?

  Abhinav Sethi   November 17, 2020   Reporter & Auditor     Monitoring

With Exchange Server 2013, Microsoft introduced a new feature called Managed Availability to improve mailbox monitoring. It’s essentially an advanced monitoring system with comprehensive self-analysis and self-recovery functionalities. This system co...

How to Monitor the Health of Exchange Server?

  Abhinav Sethi   November 11, 2020   Reporter & Auditor     Monitoring

Administrators regularly monitor health of Exchange server to ensure smooth functioning of the organization. They analyze the performance and operations related to various components of Exchange server that helps in detecting any irregularities or fa...

How to Audit Exchange Mailbox Permission Changes Reports

  Abhinav Sethi   April 21, 2020   Reporter & Auditor     Monitoring

It is crucial for administrators to manage mailbox permissions for effective functioning of Exchange domain. The users who have been granted full access permissions of mailbox can read, change, delete, or move mailbox content to other mailboxes. Ther...

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