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Recover Deleted Screenshots on Windows & Android

  Nishat Paiker   April 26, 2022   Data Recovery     Photo & Video Recovery

Screenshots are the fastest way to save anything you see on your smartphone or computer. Like many, you may have also captured screens of video calls, game scores, chats, online products, etc., on your Android or PC. However, screenshots that are the...

How to Restore Photos Library from Time Machine Backup

  Nishat Paiker   April 06, 2022   Data Recovery     Photo & Video Recovery

Time Machine backup can bring back the lost smile on your face after losing precious photographs. Whether you accidentally deleted photos or formatted the macOS disk, you can easily restore Photos Library from a Time Machine backup. However, if you...

How to Recover Your Old MySpace Photos

  Nishat Paiker   March 17, 2022   Data Recovery     Photo & Video Recovery

Years might have passed, since you last signed in to your old MySpace account. You may not remember the password or log in details. But here’s an old friend or a memory that compels you to access and recover old MySpace photos and relive the moments,...

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Mac – A Complete Guide

  Nishat Paiker   March 09, 2022   Data Recovery     Photo & Video Recovery

Case 1:  ‘I recently updated my MacBook Pro. After this, I opened the MacBook and realized that almost all my photos from the Photos app had disappeared (years of photos). I don’t use iCloud and I don’t have a Time Machine back-up. How do I reco...

How to Recover Deleted CyberLink YouCam Videos

  Nishat Paiker   January 11, 2022   Data Recovery     Photo & Video Recovery

‘I mistakenly deleted a few videos from my CyberLink YouCam on Windows 10.  I’m wondering if there's a way to access them again? They were precious family video recordings on Zoom.’ YouCam is one of the most used webcam app for Windows. It ad...

How to Recover Photos after Factory Reset on Laptop

  Nishat Paiker   December 09, 2021   Data Recovery     Photo & Video Recovery

‘Hi, I have lost very important pictures after a factory rest. I needed to create a family album as a gift to my sister on her wedding. I just really need these pictures. Please help.’ Sometimes you have to factory reset the device to fix operating...

7 Ways to Fix SD Card Saying Full, But It’s Not

  Sumona Chatterjee   November 12, 2021   Data Recovery     Photo & Video Recovery

Several users have reported a scenario wherein their camera or smartphone SD card displayed the “storage full” message even when they knew it wasn’t. Further, when they connected the card to the computer, they could access only a few files saved on i...

How to recover deleted photos on Windows 11

  Nishat Paiker   November 10, 2021   Data Recovery     Photo & Video Recovery

Microsoft mostly keeps its users covered in common data loss scenario like deletion. So, if you have accidentally deleted the photos, you can undo the action or go to Recycle Bin to restore. If that is not feasible, check the recovery possibility fro...

Best Photo Recovery Software for TF Card

  Nishat Paiker   September 28, 2021   Data Recovery     Photo & Video Recovery

It is frustrating to lose your valuable pictures from TF card of your camera or mobile phone. But like other memory cards, TF cards are susceptible to data loss from it. However, there is no need to worry. You can retrieve deleted photos from TF car...

Top 10 SD Card Recovery Software 2022

  Nishat Paiker   August 11, 2021   Data Recovery     Photo & Video Recovery

Data loss from SD cards is unforeseen. We all at some point in time have faced files lost from memory cards of DSLR, camcorders, Android, drones, CCTV, car dashcam etc. You may have deleted your photos of a family vacation, wedding video, favorite...

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