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How to Open/View EDB File with Free EDB Viewer Tool?

  Ravi Singh   August 11, 2020   File Conversion     Convert EDB Files

Extensible Storage Engine Database (EDB) file is created by the MS Exchange, which stores the mailboxes and public folders in an organization. The EDB file stores all mailbox items such as emails, attachments, contacts, calendar items, notes, etc. It...

How to Export Exchange Public Folders to PST

  Ravi Singh   July 23, 2020   File Conversion     Convert EDB Files

It is a normal routine to export Exchange mailboxes to PST for archiving purposes or to export other items in Exchange server like Public Folder to PST. Exporting could also be required for migration purposes or to restore from a backup of a decomm...

Exchange Migration to Migrate One Exchange Server to Another

  Ravi Singh   June 24, 2020   File Conversion     Convert EDB Files

You can find several guides on the internet that show how you can migrate Exchange Server to another. However, in this article, I will show you the easiest and most efficient way to migrate Exchange server that will save your time, resources, an...

How to Use Exchange Deployment Assistant Tool?

  Ravi Singh   May 27, 2020   File Conversion     Convert EDB Files

Are you about to start the process of implementing a new Exchange installation or migration from current Exchange Server to a new one? A lot comes to mind while preparing for Exchange migration. What are the pre-requisites to consider? What all is...

How to Fix When New-MailboxExportRequest is Failed?

  Ravi Singh   April 30, 2020   File Conversion     Convert EDB Files

Earlier, in order to export a mailbox from Exchange Server 2007,you need to setup a new machine with 32-bit Windows 7 and Office, and install the Exchange Management Tools. On the other hand, you could connect to the user's mailbox and export the nee...

How to use New-MailboxExportRequest Powershell Command?

  Ravi Singh   April 30, 2020   File Conversion     Convert EDB Files

With the introduction of PowerShell, Microsoft has added the ability to export mailboxes from Exchange Server to PST files. The main reason to export to PST is usually for archiving old mailboxes. The other reason may be a leaver or an unwanted mailb...

How to Migrate Mailboxes from Exchange to Office 365

  Ravi Singh   October 01, 2016   File Conversion     Convert EDB Files

 Before you start Exchange to Office 365 Migration, you must plan and review the best methods & practices before migration. This will help you successfully move mailboxes and settings from Exchange to Office 365 and get the desired results a...

How to export bulky mailboxes from Exchange 2010 to PST

  Ravi Singh   December 10, 2019   File Conversion     Convert EDB Files

An MS Exchange mailbox is an extremely important entity. It not only contains our personal and professional emails but also our notes, calendar entries, reminders, meeting details and other settings. It is used every day and as such a lot of new data...

Using ExMerge to migrate EDB to PST

  Ravi Singh   November 20, 2019   File Conversion     Convert EDB Files

The Exchange server database contains emails, contacts, calendar items, journal etc of exchange account users. This data is stored in files with the extension EDB. Sometimes you may need to import your mailbox content from Exchange EDB to PST file. T...

How to Export Exchange 2010 mailbox to PST File Format

  Ravi Singh   October 25, 2019   File Conversion     Convert EDB Files

Backup and migration are the two common reasons when you need to export Exchange 2010 mailbox to PST. You may also require exporting mailboxes from Exchange 2010 database to PST for email investigation purposes or from a decommissioned Exchange serve...

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