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Data Recovery When You Can't Wait

Data loss is inevitable. You may lose your data forever if you don't have a backup or a dedicated data recovery solution! In this guide, explore the top solutions to recover data immediately without waiting for further data loss. Also, learn how to prevent data loss by following some useful tips given below.

When most people think of data loss, they usually consider human errors, such as accidental deletion or formatting. However, data loss also happens due to malware attacks, power outages, corruption, security breaches, and natural disasters. These events stir up major data loss concerns and may also jeopardize IT resources' availability in worst-case scenarios.

Whether it's a human error or a natural disaster, always be ready with a data recovery solution in any event of data loss. But if you decide to wait and don't employ a solution at once, you run the risk of losing your crucial data forever! So do not procrastinate; start performing data recovery right away using the solutions discussed in this article.

Employ a Powerful Data Recovery Solution To Quickly Recover Your Data!

When you lose your essential data, you'd want to recover it quickly no matter what. And, to effectively regain access to your files, it's best to have a powerful DIY data recovery software, such as Stellar Data Recovery, handy on your system. You can choose from various editions of Stellar Data Recovery based on your preferences and data loss scenarios.

Scenario 1: "I am missing a couple of files that I saved to the desktop. I can't find them, not even in the Recycle Bin. They're nowhere to be found. How do I recover them quickly?"

Recover data up to 1 GB with Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition

If you want to recover a few lost or deleted files, go for Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition. You can use this free data recovery software to recover some of your essential data, including documents, email files, videos, photos, etc., from a PC, laptop, hard drive, or USB stick. However, the free edition only lets you recover data up to 1 GB. If you want to recover more data, upgrade to the next edition.

Scenario 2: "I accidentally formatted my hard drive. How do I reformat the drive? I have no data backup. Please tell me how can I recover formatted data from a drive?"

In this scenario, Stellar Data Recovery Standard Edition is the right fit for you!

If you have accidentally formatted your hard drive and want to recover the entire hard drive data, you may choose the Stellar Data Recovery Standard Edition. This version lets you recover unlimited data from formatted, corrupted, encrypted, and 4K drives.

It recovers data in all common data loss scenarios, such as deletion, formatting, corruption, malware attacks. It supports any Windows PC, Camera SD card, USB, and other Windows-compatible storage media.

Scenario 3: "Last night, my system got crashed. I tried to reboot it but failed. I also tried to restore my data from a backup saved on an external HDD on another PC, but it said the drive was corrupt. Now, I think I have to reinstall the Windows to make the system work. But how do I recover my data from a crashed computer? Is there any way to do so?"

Yes, Indeed! Get Stellar Data Recovery Professional!

Whether your system got crashed or is in a non-bootable condition, it's possible to recover your data with the software's professional version. The software comes with a bootable media recovery feature that helps you recover files, folders, etc., from completely crashed & unbootable systems.

The Stellar Data Recovery Professional Edition has all the Standard version features in addition to some advanced features, such as Missing or Deleted Partition recovery, BitLocker Encrypted Drive recovery, Disk Imaging, Optical Media recovery, SMART Drive Monitoring, and Disk Cloning.

Scenario 4: "I lost my data from my system hard drive. Though I used the backup drive to restore data, I couldn't recover everything. Even some of the files are corrupt. I want to recover all my data and also repair some corrupted files. How do I do that?"

Try Stellar Data Recovery Premium edition!

It's the world's first premium software that can recover any data along with repairing corrupt photo and video files. It supports recovery from any storage drive, missing partitions, and non-booting or crashed systems. Stellar Data Recovery Premium comes with all the features and utilities packed with the Professional version.

Scenario 5: "I accidentally quick-formatted my RAID 5 and have lost all my data. I haven't added any files to it since data loss. How do I recover data from RAID 5?"

Go for Stellar Data Recovery Technician

If you happen to delete or lose data from RAID, don't fret! You can try Stellar Data Recovery Technician. The Technician version can help you retrieve any data from lost or formatted RAID volumes. The software supports recovery from RAID 0, 5, and 6 Drive arrays with FAT, exFAT & NTFS file systems.

You can also restore data from all Windows-based RAID arrays connected to a RAID server/RAID controller/RAID-enabled motherboard. The software supports recovery from Windows, Mac, and Linux- based storage devices. And like the Premium version, you can also repair severely corrupt videos and photos using the Technician version.

Scenario 6: "I've accidentally deleted files from a Hyper-V virtual machine. I want to retrieve them as soon as possible. How do I get my files back from a virtual machine?"

Choose Advanced Stellar Toolkit for Data Recovery!

Losing your virtual machine files and folders may be troublesome. Virtual machine recovery may sound complicated, but Stellar Toolkit for Data Recovery makes it as easy as pie. This software mounts a virtual machine image (VMDK, VDI, VHD, and VHDX) and retrieves the lost or deleted files.

It supports recovery from software, such as VirtualBox, Oracle VM, Hyper-V, VMware Workstation, VMware Server, etc. With all the utilities of its previous versions, Stellar Toolkit tends to restore data lost in all the above cases. It can even recover data from inaccessible or corrupted RAID volumes along with repairing corrupt photos and videos.

You may feel a little overwhelmed with so much information. Don't Worry! Here's a one-stop comparison of all editions to help you choose the best version for your need.

Cause of Data Loss

Now that you're familiar with each edition, you can choose the one most suitable for your need.

But, what if your storage drive is broken, burnt, or water-damaged?

Don't worry! We've got you covered. Read on to know more.

Scenario 7: "My system is not detecting my hard drive. I've tried connecting it to two other PCs, but all of them are showing the "device is not recognized" error. Even when I connect the drive, it makes some clicking noise. I suppose there is some physical error with the hard drive. Can anyone please tell me what to do?"

Opt for Data Recovery Services!

If you hear a clicking noise while connecting your hard drive, the drive could be physically damaged. You may contact the device's manufacturer and get it checked. However, if there is essential data on your hard drive and you wish to restore it, opt for reliable data recovery services, such as Stellar Data Recovery Services.

Data Recovery experts at Stellar can recover data from physically crashed drives, burnt hard drives, water-damaged hard drives, android smartphones, iPhones, etc. They also hold expertise in recovering data from SSDs with firmware corruption, encryption, or component failure. At Stellar, they open and operate the storage devices in class 100 cleanroom to prevent the devices from any potential damage caused by dust particles.

How to Avoid Data Loss in Future: Best Practices

Have a Cloud-Based Backup

Cloud Based Backup

Cloud-based backup and recovery solutions are gaining popularity among Windows users. There are several cloud-storage options available, such as OneDrive, Google Drive, etc., which you may use to store your files. You can also use the Cloud backup to recover data when lost from your system and storage drives.

Keep Antivirus Program Updated on your System

Antivirus Program Update

Always keep the antivirus program activated and updated on your system. Doing so will help you avoid downloading or installing any malicious software, program, or application. It will also notify you of any virus attack on your system and keep your system protected against file corruption, data theft, phishing scams, etc.

Keep a Data Recovery Software Handy!

Keep Data Recovery Software

And, last but not least! Always keep a powerful data recovery software, such as Stellar Data Recovery, installed on your system. Whether you have lost data due to deletion, formatting, corruption, or any other reason, a DIY data recovery software can help you retrieve data successfully!

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