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Stellar Mail Backup

Utility to backup mail accounts configured in Outlook Express, MS Outlook and Windows Mail…

Stellar Mail Backup is a complete utility to take backups of all your mails, contacts, tasks, notes, calendar entries, journals etc. As the process of backing-up large PST files take huge amount of time and you can not shut-down your system during the backup operation, this mail backup utility can be immensely helpful by taking regular as well as quicker incremental backups, which saves your valuable time. Moreover, the utility allows scheduling the backup tasks and restores email backups, when needed.

  • Backs up multiple mail profiles configured in your email client
  • Takes Incremental as well as Differential back-up on Logical, External or Network attached drives
  • Takes backup for a specified value of consolidation and keeps them as one backup
  • Easy to use and highly interactive user interface
  • Support Outlook Express, MS Outlook 2013 (32 & 64 bits), 2010 (32 & 64 bits), 2007, 2003 & Windows Mail
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Key Features

Stellar Mail Backup is an immensely useful utility to backup mails and helps in restoring them when needed. Some of the important features of the utility are as below:

Comprehensive Mail Backup Utility icon

Comprehensive Mail Backup Utility

Takes backup of all mail objects, including the Emails, Contacts, Notes, Calendar Entries, Journals, SRS feeds, Signatures etc.. The utility helps taking backup of all profiles configured in MS Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail email client of the system.

Backs up Mails to any Specified Device icon

Backs up Mails to any Specified Device

Allows taking backup of the mail components to any desired location, including local hard drive, USB flash drive or any network attached drive. Similarly, the utility restores mails from any logical, external or network drives.

Schedule Email Backup icon

Schedule Email Backup

Enables to schedule the backup process at your desired time with the specified backup frequency (Once, Every Day, Every Week, Every Month). The software also provides options to set the Backup Type (Full Backup, Incremental Backup, Differential Backup) and Compression level for the scheduled backup.

Allows Selective Restoration of Emails icon

Allows Selective Restoration of Emails

Provides options to restore either Full Image (Complete restoration) or Specified Mail Items. The software allows restoring selected MS Outlook mails in PST/MSG and Outlook Express mails in EML format.

Secure Backup icon

Secure Backup

Provides features to protect the backup file with password protection. With Stellar Mail Backup software, all your backed up data are stored in a single backup file, protected with password.

Simple and Easy-To-Use Interface icon

Simple and Easy-To-Use Interface

The highly interactive and self explanatory user interfaces of the software provides an absolutely hassle free platform to backup mails.



Backup task consists of the entire set of preferences made prior taking backup. There are a number of things, which needed to be taken care of before starting the backup process. Before starting the backing up operations, you need to decide on the Backup Type (Full/Incremental/Differential), Compression Level, Backup File name, Destination drive, Password, Consolidation value, Scheduling Frequency etc. All these settings combined with a particular backup operation is known as the backup task.

The concept of mail backup is associated with the security concern over your important emails. Suppose that you have many important official mails with high degree of criticality, which you cannot afford to loose. For such a situation, it is wise to keep a safe copy of the important mails by taking mail backup. With Stellar Mail Backup utility, you can set the backup frequency and schedule the backup task, so that backup operation for all your important mails can be performed every day at a specified time, whereas the less important ones can be performed at the specified time of a week/month.

As the name suggests, Full Backup is the complete backup of the selected items, within the current time. This process takes a lot of storage space and time. However, from one full backup file, the system can be completely restored. Incremental backup takes the backup of only the recently modified files, since last full or incremental backup. As, modifications are usually minimal, incremental backup helps you avoid creating multiple copies of the same data and considers only the recent changes. Hence, incremental backup is smaller in size and quicker than the full backup. For restoring data from incremental backups, you need to have all the incremental backups and the first full backup file.

The differential backup is the backup of only the files changed, since last full backup. While restoring from differential backup, you need to have the recent full backup and the latest differential backup file.


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