15 Lesser Known iPhone Tips and Tricks That You Don’t Know About

Summary: iPhone is an amazing device with numerous smart features to make your life easier. This post shares 15 best iPhone tips and tricks that you may not be aware.

iPhone never fails to amaze. Whenever you explore this epitome of elegance, a new wave hits you. This smart device has many impressive features to make your life easier, fun-filled, and happening.

Myriads of brilliant features are still hidden beneath the surface.

Here, we’ve curated a, handpicked selection of the best iPhone hacks that can help you to do much more than what you are doing till so far.

Tip & Trick 1: Stop Music via Timer

Are you also among those who love to listen to music prior sleeping or ones who cannot get into bed without song? Then, certainly, you wake up with switched off iPhone. But, now, you don’t need to face it anymore. Here is an amazing trick for you. Use Timer to shut down the music after a stipulated Time Frame easily.  How? Tap on the Clock, then Timer, Set the Duration. (Make sure to select Stop Playing option too)

Tip & Trick 2:  Click Photos and Shoot Videos via Volume Button and Headphones

Are shaky hands not letting you capture a perfect memory? Well, no worry, use your headphones and volume option to enhance your bunch of special moments. Capturing photos and shooting video is quite easy using it.  To click, open the camera, press the volume + button on iPhone or iPhone-customized earbuds.

Additional Information: It might be possible that at any given point of time, you might end losing these precious memories due to one or other reason like accidental deletion. In such state of despair to recover lost or, deleted data, count on trusted and secure iPhone Data Recovery Software by Stellar.

Tip & Trick 3: Facilitate Random Password Generation with Siri

Surprising! Yes, it is true, your Voice Assistant Siri is more capable than what it shows. You can do more with it than what command list reveals. One such option is its ability to create random passwords for you.  For this, you simply have to activate Siri say Random Password, and here is your password. (You can even define the length of your Password)

Tip & Trick 4: Swipe across the Readout in Calculator to Delete/Recover the Last Digit

Have you entered a wrong digit or extra digit in the Calculator? Don’t want to tap the Clear (C) button? Not an issue, simple swipe across your finger to the left or right across the readout to clear it.  Note: Every Swipe is going to erase the last digit. You can keep doing it until the readout shows zero.

Additional Information:  If you want a scientific calculator, simply turn it sideways.

Tip & Trick 5: Save Battery Life

Have you ever faced a situation when you are short on battery but cannot do anything to resolve it? Yes! But, don’t worry now you can. You have a better solution than enabling low Power Mode. Simply Turn off the following settings and make your iPhone last longer.  The best thing is with this you can easily go online with EDGE connection apart from receiving a call, and doing SMS.

  • Settings > Wi-Fi > Off
  • Settings > Bluetooth > Off
  • Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Off
  • Settings > General > Cellular > Enable 3G > Off
  • Settings > General > Cellular > Enable LTE > Off
  • Settings > Sounds > Vibrate on Ring & Silent > Off
  • Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper > Auto-Brightness > Off
  • Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data > Off

Tip & Trick 6: Use messages Overseas

Have you ever been in a situation where you wish to send the text message to the iPhone users but you cannot as you are in-flight?  Or worst, you don’t have a working data plan as well as Wi-Fi? If yes, then now you can also rule it out with a simple trick. Just go to Settings -> Messages and disable Send as SMS and enable iMessage.

Additional Information: Losing messages is nothing new for iPhone users. In case if you are also in such situation and does not have backup or backup is not working then even you can recover it. How?  Trust third-party iPhone recovery tools such as Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone that ensures to recover from iPhone as well as iTunes or iCloud Backup.

iPhone Data Recovery iPhone Data Recovery Mac

 Tip & Trick 7:  Set Custom Vibration alerts

Are you on vacation? Does not want to attend calls from all except your best friend? Ok, no worry, now you can do it without even looking at your phone!  It is quite simple with a fun option buried in Contact settings. For this, go to Contacts, choose the desired Contact, click Edit, scroll down, click on Vibrations, choose to Create New Vibration, next, Tap & Hold to create Pattern.

Tip & Trick 8: Lock Exposure and Focus while using Camera

Feel frustrated, when accidental camera move during active state results in settings lost? Yes! Now, you can bid goodbye to it by simply locking the focus and exposure. For this, you have to tap & hold the screen until you see a yellow bar.  After that, even if you alter the composition intentionally or accidentally, exposure or focus won’t change.

Tip & Trick 9: Going back in iPhone is as simple as Android Phones

You must be thinking how when there is no dedicated back option. The secret here is a little-known gesture, i.e., from the edge of the screen swipe right.  The best thing it works with all be it Messages, Safari, Mail and some third-party applications like Instagram.

Tip & Trick 10: Hidden Bubble Level

Bored of that boring lime-green bubble level to check object’s position? No worry, out in a drawer and lock it. Here is your new, on the go levelling tool. It uses your phone’s gyroscope to check whether the object is perfectly horizontal or vertical.  For this, launch your Compass and Swipe right.

Tip & Trick 11: Shutoff Flashlight with Camera

Sounding, weird? But, it is true. You can shut off your Flashlight using the Camera.   Once you are through with the use of Flashlight, just tap on Camera to shut it off. If your iPhone is locked, tap on Camera shortcut.

Tip & Trick 12:  Close Three Apps at One Go

Do you use so many apps together? Wondering, if you can force-close multiples applications simultaneously too? Then, then answer is YES. Just swipe three fingers at once to close three apps.

Tip & Trick 13: Type Emoji without Switching

Do you like to add Emoji in messaging, yet cannot use it, because switching virtual keyboards troubles you? Then try this, smart trick, i.e., type Emoji with letters shortcuts.

For this, follow the below-stated steps once.

  1. Go to Settings, click General, click Keyboard, click Add New Keyboard, and lastly enter Emoji
  2. Next, Go to Settings, click General, click Keyboard, and lastly, choose Add New Shortcut
  3. Next, enter commonly used Emoji
  4. Next, under shortcut enter text that you want to use to convert to Emoji

Tip & Trick 14: Filter Group to Stay In Touch Always

iPhone has a built-in feature: Do Not Disturb to silence your Alerts, Calls, and Notification when it is locked. However, at that time even you don’t want to miss important calls. For this, this Filter Group option is a perfect choice. For this, go to Do Not Disturb, Choose Allow Calls From option, Select a Group and Enable it.

Tip & Trick 15: Hide Not Required Apps

You all must have several stock apps, which you don’t need or use at all.  The worst thing, you cannot even delete them.  But, the good news is you can hide them without even jailbreaking your iPhone. Here, is how?  Open Safari -> Access RAG3HACK ->. Next, you can see lots of apps over here. Next, go to ‘Hide Apps no Jailbreak.’  Once you click it, you can see easily what this tweak does for you. After gaining knowledge, scroll down to see an icon which you can hide.

Come and explore these fun apps.

Any question?

If you think we have missed out something, please add in the comment section to share. Lastly, stay tuned for more brilliant tricks.

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