8 Best Tools to effectively manage mailbox in Outlook and Office 365

Finding the right tools to meet your Outlook-related needs can be overwhelming– especially if you are exploring them for the first time.

But, what if you can access all the tools to manage your Outlook profile from a single platform?

This can be achieved by using the Stellar Toolkit for Outlook software which offers 8 different tools to simplify Outlook mailbox management.

Tools to Effectively Manage Your Outlook Mailbox

NOTE: All these tools are compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2019 and earlier versions.

1.   PST Repair Tool

The PST Repair Tool uses advanced high-performance scan engine that enables instant restoration of severely corrupt PST files without affecting data integrity. It can effectively repair PST file regardless of its size and level of corruption.

Key Features:

  • Recovers emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc.
  • Previews recoverable mail items
  • Supports selective recovery of mail items
  • Options to compact and split repaired PST file
  • Allows saving the repaired PST file in EML, MSG, RTF, HTML, PDF and Office 365
  • Allows to save and load scan results

2.   OST to PST converter

The need to access mailbox data in case of non-availability of Exchange server, data migration, and many such instances necessitate the need to convert OST file into PST format.

By using the OST to PST converter tool, you can easily convert either single or multiple OST files into Outlook compatible PST files through a single process.

Key Features:

  • Supports Batch conversion i.e. multiple OST files can be converted to Outlook PST files at one go
  • Allows free conversion of up to 20 emails per folder in demo version
  • Allows to save converted files directly to Office 365
  • Option to compact and split PST files

3.   PST Splitter

Large-sized PST files are prone to corruption. Splitting large files by using the PST Splitter tool can help you reduce the size of your PST files and manage Outlook emails efficiently. The tool splits Outlook PST files while preserving the original structure of the PST files.

The tool provides an advanced option to split PST file on the basis of date, size and other important parameters.

Key Features:

  • Splits oversized PST files into smaller PST files and prevents corruption
  • Option to split PST files by date, size, email id and folders
  • Option to split multiple PST file simultaneously
  • Create batch file to automate PST splitting process
  • Allows to create and save log report of the splitting process

4.   PST Compacter

By using PST Compacter you can compress a growing PST and OST file, thereby reducing chances of an unexpected crash of your Outlook profile. Essentially, the tool helps compress and compact Outlook data file by removing large-sized attachments and storing the compressed PST files in a separate folder.

Key Features:

  • Extracts all email attachments in a separate folder
  • Removes irrelevant and redundant PST mail items
  • Provides automatic compaction scheduling
  • Supports emptying ‘Deleted Items’ and ‘Junk Items’ folder

5.   Deleted Email Recovery

You may delete emails, attachments and other Outlook mailbox items to reduce the mailbox size. But, there might be critical situations that would require you to recover emails that serve as documentation, proof of cancellation of an order, and other needs.

If you haven’t emptied the ‘Deleted Items’ or ‘Junk Mail’ folder, you may find the email there. If not, using Deleted Email Recovery can be a handy tool. It can be used to recover any type of deleted emails and other mail components such as contacts, calendars, journals and more.

Key Features:

  • Recovers deleted data from both OST as well as PST files
  • Recovers data from password-protected and encrypted PST files
  • Supports multiple saving formats like PST, EML, MSG and more
  • Recovers missing items from Lost and Found folder, in the Outlook profile

6.   PST Merger

Managing multiple PST files can be time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming for Outlook users. You can, however, overcome such an issue by using PST Merger tool. It allows to combine multiple PST files into one single file without affecting its original structure.

The tool also helps merge specific folders from various PST files.

Key Features:

  • Performs both merging and joining of PST files
  • Allows to merge emails, calendars, contacts, journals, etc.
  • Allows to merge Password-protected PST files
  • Offers multiple options to save the merged files, including new and existing PST file, Outlook Profile, Office 365, etc.
  • Filter out all duplicate emails

7.   Duplicate Email Remover

Unwanted and junk emails can clog up your Outlook mailbox, increasing your chances of missing out on important emails. The Duplicate Email Remover tool can help you clean your mailbox by allowing you to identify and remove duplicate and junk mails.

Essentially, the tool helps in decreasing the overall size of your Outlook profile without any PST damage.

Key Features:

  • Efficiently locates and removes duplicate emails
  • Allows performing various actions on duplicate emails including ‘Mark as Expired’, ‘Copy to folder’, ‘Move to folder’, etc.
  • Enables copying or moving the duplicate mails to a different folder
  • Wide range of scan criteria enables easy identification of duplicate emails

8.   Outlook Password Recovery

Forgetting the password of your Outlook account, when you urgently need access to emails, can be a stressful situation. The Outlook password recovery utility can save you from such stress by helping you to recover lost or forgotten passwords of Outlook account.

The utility also helps unlock password-protected PST files.

Key Features:

  • Easily and accurately recovers lost or forgotten Outlook passwords
  • Provides 6 different sets of usable Outlook passwords to open password-protected PST file.
  • Supports ‘Drag and Drop feature for easy selection of desired PST file
  • Allows resetting of encrypted PST files
  • Supports password recovery for MS Outlook 2019 and earlier versions


Let’s face it, most of us waste time on managing our cluttered Outlook inbox or some time maintaining PST file size and other tasks. Also, handling a growing Outlook mailbox can be challenging at times. But managing your Outlook profile can become straightforward once you have the right set of tools in place. In this post, we discussed about the 8 tools included in the Stellar Toolkit for Outlook software that can help improve the efficiency and productivity of your Outlook account – in the most effective way.

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