How to Access your Outlook Express Mails in MS Outlook?

This article is all about accessing Outlook Express emails in MS Outlook. Therefore, if currently need to access Outlook Express into Outlook for Windows, you need to convert DBX file to PST format. The reason is quite simple; Outlook Express stores emails in DBX file whereas MS Outlook stores its emails in PST format. Moreover, Windows Outlook does not support DBX file because of which this DBX file of yours cannot be opened in your Outlook email client application.

Stellar Converter for DBX to access Outlook Express emails in MS Outlook

Well, if you are switching from Outlook Express to Outlook or have the requirement to access emails from the former into the latter you would need to convert DBX files to PST format. To do so, you can use Stellar Converter for DBX, This software is suggested because its performance is high when it comes to converting DBX to PST file. Additionally, the process is quick and convenient without much of human intervention. Nonetheless, to use it successfully you need to know the steps to execute.

Using Stellar Converter for DBX the right way

It is necessary that you carry out the conversion steps with Stellar Converter for DBX correctly so that your purpose to access Outlook Express into Outlook is fulfilled. The process steps are as follows:

1.    Download, install and register the software

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2.    Run it now as it has been activated

3.    The main user interface of the tool shows up in which you need to choose ‘Convert DBX to PST’ option.

4.    The next interface with ‘Select DBX File’ dialog box comes up in which you would have to choose the DBX file to be converted.

(i)    In this dialog box, choose Convert/Migrate single DBX file to MS Outlook PST option.

(ii)   In this section, select the DBX file to be converted using either Find DBX or Select DBX button. Use the former option if you are aware of its location and the latter when you do not know the location.

(iii)  Click on the Start Conversion button so that the software starts the conversion process.

5.    The software starts converting the Outlook Express DBX file.

6.    A preview of the converted DBX file data items is displayed in a three-pane structure.

(i)    The mailbox folders are shown in the left pane of the GUI.

(ii)   In the upper-right pane, the details of an email, such as To, From, Cc, etc. is shown once you select one from the mailbox folders in the left-pane.

(iii)   The entire content of the email is displayed in bottom-right pane.

7.    Save the converted PST file. You can save data of the converted file to a new PST file or add to the MS Outlook profile that is already in existence.

(i)  Go to the left pane of the tool’s GUI and click on the email item folder that you wish to save.

(ii)  On the toolbar, click on Save Mails button Or Go to File menu and choose Save Mails option

(iii)   The Save File Option dialog box shows up that provides you three options to save the converted PST file.

They are as follows:

  • Append data to existing profile – Use this option to add the converted emails to an Outlook profile that already exists.·
  • Create New PST File – Use this option to save converted emails to a new Outlook PST file.·
  • Save Data to existing PST File – Use this option to save converted emails to a PST file that is already in existence.

Finally, after executing the steps mentioned above in the given sequential order you can convert DBX files to PST format. Thereafter, you can easily access Outlook Express into Outlook application.


  • First and foremost, you should try Demo version of the software so that you can check the working of the software before purchasing it.
  • The trial version converts DBX to PST file and shows the preview of emails with details, such as To, From, Cc, Subject, Body of emails, and Blank attachment, etc. However, it does not save the converted file without registration of the software.


With such an easy-to-understand GUI and few process-steps that involves mouse-clicks and with other advantageous features, Stellar Converter for DBX is one of the best software to access your Outlook Express emails in MS Outlook. It also keeps the structure of emails unaltered, and the conversion takes place within minutes. Thus, leverage it to fulfill your purpose of converting DBX file to PST format!

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