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An Immaculate Tool to Overcome Active Directory Failures Due to Corruption

Oliver Powell  | Updated on January 14, 2019 | News   | 1 Comment   | 2 min read

Windows domain networks require efficient Active Directory service to manage communication between the users and perform other administrative tasks. Any problems with the Active Directory can deteriorate productivity and impact users on a large scale. We all know that Active Directory disasters are a commonplace and one of the primary contributors is corruption of the ‘ntds.dit’ file. It is important to maintain the health of this database in order to ensure the domain controller gets to perform easy directory lookups or authentication tasks. Fortunately, we have Active Directory disaster recovery solutions on the market and the latest one to create a buzz is Stellar Repair for Active Directory.

Stellar Repair for Active Directory is an administrator’s first choice to resolve all Active Directory issues and prevent system downtime. This software proves to be a time-saving solution when your Active Directory fails to work properly and you need to bring the whole database to a consistent state. The infallible repair approach used by the tool would suffice to restore everything you have lost from your Active Directory database, including users, groups, computers, and other objects along with their configuration data. The software brings all your Active Directory data to a new database file with the same domain name on another server.

Key Features of Stellar Repair for Active Directory:

  • Repairs corrupt ‘ntds.dit’ file and resolves Active Directory issues
  • Restores Active Directory objects and their properties
  • Restores InetOrgPerson, MsMq, Printer, Contact, and so on
  • Shows preview of Active Directory database prior to recovery
  • Sets default or random passwords for user accounts.

Stellar Repair for Active Directory aims at easing your working experience with Active Directory when you have inconsistencies in the ‘ntds.dit’ file. This software can effectively gauge the symptoms of Active Directory database corruption and provide an ideal fix for the problem.

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