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Are Windows 8 free from all data loss problems? Let’s See…

Windows 8, recently launched by Microsoft is a completely modern operating system with full of awesome features. The dynamic and innovative desktop design with metro start screen where you can arrange interactive apps and see the real time updates/information through them is one of the most amazing features in Windows 8. Minimal booting time, Windows To Go, synching of personalized settings using your windows live ID, better multiple monitor support in developer preview, outfitting with native USB 3.0 drivers and enhanced copy-paste experience are few of its incredible features. All the new Windows 8 features are definitely going to help users in experiencing a completely new OS by design & interactivity, But.

When it comes to the data safety, every operating system including Windows 8 is vulnerable to data loss at some point. Losing important files and data from Windows 8 can be a great loss to its users, especially when they didn’t expect it to lose. One of the noticeable changes that can be a cause of losing data or files in Windows 8 is that it sends the respective file or folder directly to the recycle bin when you hit delete key, without asking for the confirmation. Although, this is only the temporary deletion and the files can be easily recovered or restored from the recycle bin. It is also possible to enable the confirmation dialogue from the recycle bin settings.

Most of the users wouldn’t admit it that one of the leading causes of data loss is Human Error, approximately 32% of all recorded data loss cases following hardware or system malfunction which counts to approx 40%. And, rest 24% of data loss cases arise due to software corruption, computer viruses & natural disasters combined.

A Human error can be the accidentally or intentionally deletion/formatting of data, physical damage of media caused by dropping or fall, wrong experimental attempts on computer, not having a backup plan, not having better data security & few others. And, the most important this to remember here is that none of the human errors rely on which operating system you use whether it is Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or any other. What option do you have in these cases?

There are lots of data recovery tools & software programs offered by several vendors for lower versions of Windows OS, but when it comes to recovering deleted files and data from Windows 8, the fastest growing OS ever, there is a reliable, easy to use & Windows 8 ready data recovery software offered by Stellar. I’m writing some important features of the software you will love while recovering deleted data from Windows 8.

  • Recover deleted files of any type including office documents, multimedia content, database using a self guided and simple navigational wizard.
  • Recover files from any Windows 8 compatible storage media such as hard drive, USB storage device, memory card etc. It doesn’t matter whether it is external or internal.
  • Use Raw Recovery feature of the software to recover deleted or formatted files from storage media on the basis of file signature (file type). A time saving, hassle free & filtered recovery of a particular file type.
  • Even, recover the data from deleted hard drive partition, not just the formatted.
  • Safe guard your data by taking backup of your hard drive data using the unique create image feature of the Software.

It just not ends here; you can recover the deleted files using this amazing Stellar file recovery software even from the lower versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Server 2003 & NT4 (SP6) and the supported file systems FAT and NTFS.

Free download & try it here: https://www.stellarinfo.com/file-recovery.htm


Note: The software will not work in case of physical damage of the storage media and you may need to avail the data recovery services where your data is recovered using different recovery methods in a class 100 clean room.

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