Alexis Llontop

Software developer and network engineer

Experience & Education

Alexis Junior (aka Alexynior) is a security fanatic, passionate about penetration testing and writing about information security. Before that, he was also a software developer and network engineer. He developed his passion for technology when he was in college, and has been writing about it ever since. He loves computers, programming and ethical hacking. But what he loves most is helping users keep their data safe.


Alexis is a systems engineer. After graduating from college, he started sharing his thoughts on computer security on the blog esgeeks.com.


Alexis has been a writer for the blog esgeeks.com for more than 5 years. He has been working in the IT industry since 2018, building, maintaining and repairing computer systems and network infrastructure. He usually writes about IT security along with other information security related topics.


Alexis loves soccer, board games and reading books about innovation.

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