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Subhjeet Vimal is a Senior Content Writer at Stellar® and a Hubspot Certified Content Marketer. He likes to keep himself curious and updated with the developments in the Tech world. He writes about Data Erasure, Data Recovery and other DIY Technologies.
how to wipe mft free space

How to Wipe MFT Free Space?

MFT or the Master File Table is a logbook that maintains a record of all files present in your computer/storage media. Erasing MFT allows you to utilize the entire space on your storage media. This blog discusses methods to wipe the MFT free space.
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Fixed ‘Startup Repair Cannot Repair this Computer Automatically’ Error in Windows 10

his blog explores the different methods you can use to resolve the error “Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically.” If the methods don’t work, then it is recommended to restore the system to an earlier time using Windows settings. However, you should recover all your data first with the help of an efficient data recovery software like Stellar Windows Data Recovery Professional.
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