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Top 5 Best Exchange Recovery Software

Ravi Singh  | Updated on February 11, 2021 | Exchange Server   | No Comments   | 6 min read

Summary: In this blog, you will learn about the top 5 best Exchange recovery and repair software. These Exchange recovery tools are a reliable solution to fix common problems and errors, such as dirty shutdown, registry errors, JET errors, etc. that you (as an admin) may face with Exchange database, server, and mailboxes.

Exchange administrators are responsible to maintain the Exchange server, database, and mailboxes of the users in the organization. Also, they provide support to new and existing users. However, despite all the efforts and regular maintenance, situations arise when Exchange stops working due to hardware or software failure, improper system shutdown, server breakdown, or database corruption.

In such a case, the server-client connectivity breaks, which disrupts email flow and affects business continuity. It may also lead to data loss. But mostly, the problem in Exchange is caused by a corrupt or damaged database file (EDB) that contains user mailboxes.

In Exchange, Microsoft provides some utilities, such as EseUtil, to repair a corrupt database and restore the mailboxes. However, it requires access to the server with additional permissions and roles. Plus, there’s no guarantee that the problem will be fixed, which may lead to extended downtimes. Thus, in such situations, the best bet is a reliable Exchange recovery and repair software, which can help you quickly repair a corrupt database and restore it on the live Exchange server. But it is difficult to find a reliable and powerful software, which is also compatible with your Exchange version.

In this post, we discussed the top 5 Exchange recovery software that are compatible with all Exchange versions and lets you repair and restore the Exchange mailbox database in a few clicks. These Exchange recovery software can also help fix common Exchange issues, such as dirty shutdown, JET errors, registry errors, etc. These software can help you minimize the downtime in an event of database corruption and also recover any accidentally deleted or lost mailboxes.

Top 5 Best Exchange Recovery Software

Here are the top 5 best Exchange Recovery software that you can use to restore and repair your Exchange server or databases:

1. Stellar Repair for Exchange

Stellar Repair for Exchange is a powerful Exchange recovery and repair software that recovers dismounted and offline Exchange database files. It scans corrupt EDB files and recovers mailboxes and data such as emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, notes, and public folders.

The software can repair single or multiple Exchange database files at once with 100% integrity and save them to PST or export directly to live Exchange or Office 365 accounts. It also recovers lost or deleted mailboxes from Exchange server.

Key Features

  1. Recovers lost and deleted mailboxes from Exchange database files
  2. Repairs corrupt or damaged Exchange database files
  3. Saves recovered EDB file in PST, EML, HTML, MSG, and PDF format
  4. Imports Exchange mailboxes (emails) directly to Office 365 and live Exchange
  5. Exports public folders in a few clicks
  6. Facilitates selective recovery of mailboxes and mailbox items
  7. Keeps the folder hierarchy and data intact
  8. Creates new mailboxes and maps the user
  9. Capable of finding EDB files on the system with one-click
  10. Supports Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2000, and 5.5
  11. Frequent updates and 24*5 technical support


  1. Though the demo version allows you to preview all mailbox items after database repair for free, it requires activation to save mailboxes to PST and other formats

2. SysTools Exchange Recovery

SysTools Exchange Recovery is an advanced Exchange mailbox recovery software that you can use to recover the Exchange database and save the recovered EDB file in PST for easy import in Outlook, Exchange, and Office 365. It recovers all data from corrupt EDB files, including deleted mailboxes.

SysTools Exchange Recovery

Key Features

  1. Capable to recover deleted data from Exchange mailboxes
  2. Allows to recover both dismounted and offline EDB files
  3. Saves recovered EDB file in PST, EML, HTML, MSG, and PDF format
  4. Option to recover both public and private folders of Exchange EDB file
  5. Maintains folder hierarchy intact even after conversion
  6. Provides an option to recover selective data from Exchange EDB file
  7. Capable to search for Exchange EDB file on the local drive automatically
  8. Imports Exchange EDB emails to live Exchange server and Office 365 account


  1. Demo version exports up to 25 items per folder from the recovered Exchange database to live Exchange server, Office 365, and PST/MSG/EML/HTML/MBOX format
  2. Requires Microsoft .Net 4.5
  3. Cluttered UI

3. Quest Recovery Manager for Exchange

Quest Recovery Manager for Exchange is another popular Exchange database recovery software that facilitates quick recovery of emails. Users can search for emails by using the basic or advanced parameters. This software also compares mailboxes online with their respective backups to identify changes and keeps them up-to-date. With this effective software, the IT administrators, dealing with Exchange server, can respond 74% faster than native tools when it comes to disturbances and bring back users up and running quickly.

Quest Recovery Manager for Exchange

Key Features

  1. Facilitates federated search and reduces response time
  2. Provides intelligent search options
  3. Comparison reporting after data restore from the source to the target
  4. Provides migration support and resume migration option in the event of a power failure or glitch in the system during migration
  5. Task automation to automate critical tasks
  6. Saves Exchange database mailboxes to PST, EML, MSG, or TXT format
  7. Can be used as an Exchange backup software


  1. To save repaired Exchange EDB mailboxes, you must activate the software
  2. Limited options to filter, search and save repaired Exchange mailbox database

4. Recoveryfix for Exchange Server

Recoveryfix for Exchange Server is an Exchange recovery software that helps you recover and retrieve data from corrupt or damaged Exchange database files. It’s also one of the widely used Exchange recovery software to recover inaccessible EDB files. Further, this software can convert EDB to PST format without any size limitation. It is also used to migrate the Exchange server and backup Exchange database mailboxes.

Recoveryfix for Exchange Server

Key Features

  1. Recovers all mailbox data such as emails, contacts, etc. from Exchange database files
  2. Displays a preview of repaired EDB file data before recovery
  3. Keeps the data integrity and properties of the database intact
  4. Complete mailbox recovery, including deleted mailboxes
  5. Saves repaired Exchange database file to PST, EML, and MSG formats
  6. Supports all Exchange server and Microsoft Outlook versions


  • Supports limited output formats after database repair
  • Requires activation to save repaired Exchange EDB mailboxes

5. Recovery for Exchange Server

It’s a powerful Exchange data recovery software that helps you recover data from corrupt and damaged MS Exchange databases. You can use the software on corrupt databases to repair, extract, and save mailboxes to PST.

It allows you to recover both STM and EDB files from the Exchange server and then convert the repaired data to PST format while keeping the hierarchy intact.

Recovery for Exchange Server

Key Features

  1. Recovers mailbox items such as calendar, contacts, appointments, etc. from Exchange database (EDB) files
  2. Recovers email addresses from Active Directory storage
  3. Recovers associated attachments
  4. Recovers date of creation for all data items stored in a user mailbox
  5. Restores formatting for RTF & HTML messages
  6. Compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, 2007, 2003, 2003 SP1, 2003 SP2, 2000, and 5.5


  • Supports Exchange 2010 and earlier versions only
  • Saves repaired mailboxes from Exchange EDB to PST format only


Based on your requirements, you can choose any of the top 5 best Exchange Recovery software that we discussed in this post. These software can help recover corrupt, dismounted, offline, or damaged Exchange databases and export the mailboxes directly to a live Exchange or Office 365. They also convert the Exchange database mailboxes to PST format that you can easily import in Exchange, Outlook, or Office 365. Compare them and select the one that fits your current and future needs related to Exchange recovery.