Know Everything About the Best Rated OST to PST Converter

Converting OST to PST file can be the need of the hour for many. Therefore, they should know the best rated OST to PST converter and everything about it, such as features and functionalities. Nevertheless, before that let’s have a sound knowledge of OST and PST file formats, both of which are Outlook data files. OST stands for Offline Storage Table whereas PST stands for Personal Storage Table (Personal Folders).

An insight into Outlook OST File

An OST file is an offline data file in Outlook that allows users to work even when not connected to the Internet, i.e. in situations when access to the mail server is not available due to technical issues. In other words, an OST file is a replica of the Exchange Server mailbox on the local system. When working offline, all changes made to the Outlook data items, such as emails, contacts, calendar, and others occur in the offline store. When the user goes online the next time, i.e. when access to the mail server is restored, Outlook syncs the changes with the Server. This is an exceedingly beneficial feature in environments with a limited or unreliable Internet connection.

 An insight into Outlook PST File

Outlook PST file is an open proprietary file format that stores copies of email messages, contacts, calendar events, tasks, journals, and other data items within MS Outlook on the local system. The data in PST files can be easily accessed in Outlook once the Personal Folders files are imported into the email client.

 One major difference between Outlook OST and PST file

One of the main difference between Outlook OST and PST file for managing IMAP, POP3, and web-based email clients is that unlike PST, OST files are knotted to the email account configuration and cannot be backed up or opened or separately. This is one of the reasons that makes users with OST file to convert it to PST format. Well, there are many more reasons as well. Know them in the next section!

 Why convert OST file to PST file format?

A user can wish to convert OST file to PST file format due to a number of reasons that are as follows:

  1. Corruption or damage in Outlook OST file.
  2. The OST file data is to be accessed on any local system.
  3. Issues faced while synchronizing Outlook with Exchange Server.
  4. A necessity to transfer business emails to another organization or workplace.
  5. Exchange Server mailboxes have been deleted, but it is a necessity to access the stored emails currently or in the present situation.

How OST file becomes corrupt?

OST file can become damaged or corrupt due to several causes that are as follows:

  1. Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server synchronization error
  2. Abnormal termination of MS Outlook
  3. Attack by viruses or malware
  4. Failed hardware or physical issues in the hard drive

Stellar Converter for OST – The best OST to PST Converter to convert Outlook OST file to PST format successfully

On having an Outlook OST file, the data of which users wish to access, it is beneficial to trust Stellar Converter for OST only to convert OST to PST format. With this professional and intuitive software, users can import the PST file into Outlook and access its data items easily. Also, the conversion process is quite quick in comparison to similar utilities by competitors. This software is embedded with a number of advantageous features that make it one of the best OST to PST converter. Have a look at its key benefits in the section below!

  • Exports all Exchange mailbox data – The Software exports all Exchange server mailbox data items, such as emails, contacts, attachments, notes, tasks, journals, calendar, etc. that are stored in Outlook OST file into PST format.
  • Offers to save emails in multiple formats – It is a multi-featured software that offers users to save the emails in multiple formats in addition to PST format. The additional file formats are MSG, RTF, EML, PDF, and HTML. Users can search and save emails based on several parameters, such as ‘To’, ‘From’, ‘Subject’, and ‘Date’. This feature makes the tool flexible and stands atop its competitors.
  • Offers better sorting of emails – The software makes way for good sorting and organization of mailboxes. Once the scanning of OST file is over, and all recoverable files are displayed, the software allows users to sort and organize the email messages by ‘Date’, ‘From’, ‘To’, ‘Subject’, ‘Type’, ‘Attachment’, ‘Importance’, etc. Additionally, it enhances the readability of the scan result by allowing users to segregate emails in groups by its ‘Show in Groups’ feature that is quite simple to use.
  • Provides easy and interactive GUI – This software has an easy and interactive GUI that makes it quite convenient for users to convert OST file to PST file with it. The instructions provided in the interface is easy-to-understand even for users who are not experts. Also, features such as the preview of files before conversion, option to save converted file to any location, choice of file format to save a single email message, etc. make it one of the best OST to PST conversion utility.
  • Conversion of Encrypted OST file – Many encrypt their Outlook OST file to keep their significant and crucial information safe and secure from unauthorized access. With this in place, users can face an error that it is not an Outlook Data file when they try to open an encrypted OST file. In such a dire situation, this software comes to the rescue by converting the encrypted OST file to PST format.

How is Stellar Converter for OST the Number 1?

With the lots of positive reviews over the Internet, this software has become the number 1 and best rated OST to PST converter. Here are a few positive reviews for this software:

  • Nextofwindows – One of the product reviews for Stellar Converter for OST on this website proclaims this software to be efficient and reliable. It also says that it is one of the most trustworthy tools for conversion of all the components of the OST file. The reviewer has recommended it to all users who have the requirement of OST file to PST file conversion because of its accuracy.
  • CNET: The software has earned 4 out of 5 stars. This is the average user rating out of 29 votes. It has also got a number of positive reviews by users who have converted OST file to PST and other given file formats.
  • Techgyo: A Guest Contributor has recommended Stellar Converter for OST for users who wish to convert their Outlook OST file to PST and other file formats because of its several pros that it provides.
  • Technokarak: A user has penned down his reviews on Technokarak for Stellar Converter for OST. He says that he successfully used the software to repair damaged OST file and save in PST format.
  • Softonic: Here, The software has been reviewed by 6 users and has got an average rating of 7.7 that is undoubtedly good. Users have appreciated it for providing ease-of-use and effectiveness.softonic
  • Softpedia: A user named Elizabeth Virlan rated Stellar Converter for OST 4.0 on a scale of 5. She was quite elated to use this software to fulfill her purpose of conversion of damaged Outlook OST file into PST format.
  • Software Recommendations from Top Editors:

System Requirements

Requiring only 50 MB of free space on the hard drive, Stellar Converter for OST is light in weight. Therefore, it can be used on most of the Windows systems, be it with old, new, or the latest configuration. Further, it requires 512MB of memory and a Processor of Pentium class that is available on almost all Windows systems.

Support and Compatibility

It offers a wide support and compatibility. This owes to the fact that it supports Microsoft Office 2019, 2016, 2013 (32-bit version and 64-bit versions), MS Office 2010 (32-bit and 64-bit versions), 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP), and 2000. Concerning Operating System, it can be used on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP versions.

Download: Windows Users

Working Steps

For successful conversion of Outlook OST file to PST file format, execute the following steps:

  1. Download, install, and run the conversion software.

Free Download

  1. To select the OST file you wish to convert, click on the ‘Browse’ tab if you know the location of the Outlook file.

 Selection of Outlook OST file

  1. Click on the ‘Find’ tab if you do not know the location of OST file. With this, the ‘Find Mailbox’ dialog opens up wherein you need to select the drive from which the OST files have to be searched. Then, click on the ‘find’ tab.

Searching for OST file

  1. Click on the Convert tab for the software to scan the selected OST file.

Selection of OST file

  1. A preview window comes up that shows all the Outlook mailbox data. All the existing Outlook mailbox data is displayed in the left pane. You check every folder and the stored data by selecting the particular folder.

Preview of the OST file data

  1. Click on the ‘Save Converted File’ tab that is present in the File This is to save the converted OST file into different file formats.
  2. The Save As dialog appears that gives the option to save the converted file in several formats, such as PST, MSG, EML, RTF, HTML, and PDF. To save in PST format, select the PST radio button. Here, click on the Browse tab to select a destination location. Then, click on the OK.

Saving options to save converted files

  1. Finally, the converted file is saved to the destination of users’ choice.

Converted file saved successfully

Why purchase Stellar Converter for OST software to convert Outlook OST file to PST and other file formats?

  • Demo version is available: The software comes with a demo version that users’ can try before purchasing it to convert as many Outlook OST files. With the demo version of the software, users can save 20 items per folder when converting to PST format.
  • Money-back guarantee: The software offers a 30-days money back guarantee to users on dissatisfaction with its features and functionalities. Any user who is not satisfied with the software, they can claim for the return of their money.
  • 100% safe and secure: The conversion is 100% safe and secure to use. It can rarely be or not attacked at all by dangerous viruses and other malware that are a threat to the online world.

Errors associated with damaged OST files

The several errors that have been mentioned below are associated with damaged OST file. Have a look at them!

ost file corruption

Note – Whenever users face these error messages, they should go for Stellar Converter for OST that is a viable option and successfully fix them. Once converted in any of the provided file formats, users can access all their data.

Concluding Lines for Stellar Converter for OST

With this blog having it all, key features, benefits, working, system requirements, support and compatibility, reviews and ratings of Stellar Converter for OST on several popular sites, you now that this conversion software excels in all aspects. Therefore, it can be used by all users who are in dire need of OST file to PST file conversion due to damaged OST files or other reasons.

Check out what MVP says about OST to PST Tool from Stellar.

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