Bring Your Windows 8.1 based PC Closer to You; Personalize Start Screen and Desktop Background Settings

Microsoft released Windows 8.1 (not a major version) to consumers within a year of releasing Windows 8 in order to overcome the flaws and some mystifying features as per the feedback received from the consumers across the world, and the upgrade was provided to consumers free of cost. Windows 8.1, luckily, is much better and is proved a stable release of Windows OS after the predecessor Windows 7.

In Windows 8.1, Microsoft brings you the most exciting features and customization abilities that let you make your Windows 8.1 based PC closer to you unlike before. Well, I am highlighting the personalization capabilities of Windows 8.1 that allow you make your PC more and more closer to look the way you ever wanted it to. Since I am pretty much into creativity world, I like to personalize my surroundings as per my likings; I do sketching, painting, and love to customize my room in a way that whenever I step into, it welcomes me like anything. It must look all the way mine and I always look forward to make things around me belong to me, then why not the PC! Windows 8.1 lets me do it in my own way and I really want to share it with all of you.

The Dual Monitor Backgrounds

Setting your image as the background image or wallpaper makes it look yours. However, you generally do not go for it, but for a background that makes you feel calm and relaxed when you are almost pissed off with your work. Panoramic images look much better when they are set as the desktop background. Windows 8.1 has a feature that enables you set single wallpaper across dual monitors, and you can make both look interesting and completely different by choosing the wallpaper in which the objects shown at the left are completely different from what is displayed at the right.

Dual Monitor Backgrounds

In this way, you not only make both the monitors look completely different, but you also make the same wallpaper not repeating. However, while doing this, you need to make sure that the image resolution is compatible with that of the dual monitors (especially in width). You can download HD wallpapers from the Internet, as they have high pixel density and larger resolution.

Desktop Glass and Taskbar Color

You might have noticed that the color of the taskbar in Windows 8.1 matches the color of the desktop background. Well, Windows 8.1 has this unique feature to match the color of taskbar to that of the most dominant color in the wallpaper you set as the desktop background. This feature is quite interesting and makes you free of choosing a matching color for the taskbar and you do not have to bother for finding the window color that is suitable for the complete window, including the desktop background.

Desktop Glass and Taskbar

As shown in the screenshot, the color of the picture frame is similar to that of the dominant color in the desktop background. This makes the complete frame look compatible with the desktop background in each sense.

Show Desktop Background in Start Screen

Alike setting different images as the desktop background, Windows 8.1 allows you set different images as Start screen background. In other words, you can personalize Start screen themes and make it look exactly how you want it to.

Desktop Background in Start Screen

However, you can set Start screen theme same as the desktop background. For this, simply go to Personalize option and choose the last image as shown in the screenshot. Doing this makes Start screen look exactly how your desktop background does.

Personalizing Lock Screen

Well, the feature is added to both Windows 8 and 8.1 that you can customize the look and feel of the lock screen of your PC in your own way. In order to make it look yours, you can choose your photo as the lock screen image, which however is based upon your selection of image. In order to personalize the lock screen, use the Photos app and browse the photo from your PC, which you want to use and open it in the full screen. Right click the photo and choose Set as, and then choose Lock Screen.

Lock Screen

Alternatively, you can choose a slide show for the Start screen. Mentioned below are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to Settings and select Change PC Settings
  2. You see Personalize as the default option; alternatively, select PC and devices in the menu shown at the left, and then select Lock screen option at the top
  3. Under the lock screen preview, Play a slide show on the lock screen is the option you see. Click to switch it to On
  4. Below this, click Use pictures from option and select the photos from your PC, and then personalize slide show settings right there

With all these settings done accordingly, you can make your Windows 8.1 PC closer to you. You can make it look more and more yours, the way you ever wanted your PC to.

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