Stellar Speedup Mac to accelerate slow Macs

To have a Mac which is getting slower with time is one of the most painful experiences for a Mac user. Reason why, Stellar Speedup Mac had been committed to resolve the crawling performance issues in Mac by eliminating every single junk file residing on the Mac OS X hard drive. The speed up Mac utility not only transforms a sluggish Mac into a fast performing machine but also leaves a big smile on the face of the users who have had enough struggles with the lethargic Mac.


Taking the scenario of the slow Mac as intolerable, Stellar Speedup Mac utility now comes with bunch of features that are turned to free in the trail version itself. Here goes the list:


Un-Installer is free in trial version: Speed up Mac’s free Uninstaller application allow users to

simply drag the selected application icon from any location and leave it on the Un-installer window. Upon doing so, a warning message prompts up & proceeding with the message removes the application completely from the OS X.

Un-installing an app made simple & now it’s free in demo

Manages & eliminate unwanted files for free: The long list of unwanted files abiding on a Mac hard drive stretches to the system log reports, junk system files, application left-over’s & trashes. The Stellar Speed up Mac scans every single volume and hard drive attached to the Mac machine and brings in front all the above said unwanted files for removal. Here, the user can select specific file through check-box selection and hence can keep any wanted file on OS X. Once the selection is done, the only thing left is to bring the mouse on the ‘Clean Button’ & click it. In spite of the trial version, the clean up Mac utility wastes no time in eliminating the junk files from the drive, thus clutching GIGABYTES of free space for the Mac OS X to boost up like a rocket.


No Corruption of files: Eliminating the files from an OS X might result into corruption of few applications such as Adobe Acrobat Reader and Word Document files, but Stellar Speedup Mac utility ensures the removal of the unwanted files, widgets, applications etc. without making any other application out of order.


List of files that can & can’t be cleaned in free trial version

Download free trial of Stellar Speedup Mac and clean your cluttered hard drive now.

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