Can I recover deleted ZIP & Videos from macOS High Sierra?


Having too much data on your hard drive may noticeably slow down your Mac. To speed it up, you need to clean up your drive which entails the likelihood of deleting some files. From accidentally deleting important files to their recovery, the post speaks it all.

How to Recover deleted Zip files and videos on MacBook Pro

Accidentally deleted ZIP and video files

If (Backup is available)


Recover deleted ZIP files and Videos from it;




Leverage a mac OS High Sierra data recovery tool;


Result: Successfully recovered your ZIP files and videos

Undoubtedly, the majority of us know how to speed up our Mac when it is running slow. Just by cleaning up the hard drive we can give a boost that our device needs, isn’t? In the same vein, Andrew, my former colleague, deleted some zip files and videos by dragging them to the Trash and emptied it. By doing so his silver-thin machine was again performing optimally since he managed to get back some good gigabytes.

Isn’t the situation like a fairy tale ending where ‘’they lived long and happily ever after until there came another blow to destroy their happiness’’. Andrew’s MacBook Pro was running fine but he needed those files which he deleted hurriedly to create free spaces. He left no stone unturned to recover those files but as luck would have it, there was no obvious way to bring them back. If you’re in a similar situation, then here’s what you can do.

But there’s still hope!

Mac data recovery tools are widely available to help you recover deleted ZIP files and videos on macOS High Sierra, nonetheless, it is onerous to choose a reliable application. For that matter, here’s what you need to know while opting for an application:

(** Spoiler Alert! ** Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional is a strong contender)

  • Choose a software which is easy to use and doesn’t eat up your memory space
  • Has intuitive user-interface embedded with robust algorithm
  • It should be compatible with your MacOS High Sierra
  • Has a higher recovery rate
  • A software that efficiently recovers your Mac files

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional is 100% safe and meets all the checkboxes and ideally should be considered to overcome Mac data loss. It’s not what I’m saying but its users are (client’s testimonials).  In addition, using it is indeed a manageable task as the software does not meddle you with different options. Just a handful yet powerful options to best suit your situation.

Recommended steps to further elaborate the recovery process:

Step 1: Download and follow the on-screen instructions to run Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional. Installation process won’t take long.

Step 2: Now on the main screen, toggle-on the respective keys i.e. Documents and Videos and click Next. By a way of illustration, the software facilitates customization scan option.

Step 3. Choose the MacOS High Sierra drive from the ‘Select Location’ followed by clicking Scan. The software scans the media for deleted ZIP files and videos.

Step 4: While Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional scans the Mac hard drive for recoverable files, you can view the scan in progress.

Step 5: After the scanning is complete, the software lists all the recoverable ZIP files and videos. Double-click on the files for a quick preview.

Step 6: Select the files that you want to restore and click ‘Recover’. Specify the destination folder and save all your files there.

As your Mac is a powerhouse, a filled up drive may slow it down. Many performance tips can speed up your machine and give it that extra push, however, in any case, all important files should not be put at stake. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, always backup your Mac before proceeding with those tips. Besides, as my two cent’s worth, you can optimize storage, store your data in iCloud, manage your startup items, and backup your Mac with Time Machine to maximize its performance. Moreover, if things go south, you can recover deleted files from your Mac by using a data recovery tool even when you don’t have a backup.

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