Can Someone Recover My Mac Files Even After I Formatted the Hard Drive Multiple Times?

Keeping Mac Data Secure and Protected against Compromise is considered as the most challenging task. However, if well-thought-out and handled smartly, then it is a bit easier. The only consideration is to be Careful and act proactively with the right approach. This blog suggests few some suggestion for Mac Data Erasure and also briefs you how someone can recover Mac files even after formatting your hard drive many times. Read on to learn.

Imagine a scenario where your Mac is no longer a shiny new option on the block. You are unable to found any fruitful way to extend its life. You are wondering what to do with it. You asked your friend, and he suggested you to either sell or donate it. You considered it as a good option even to get a few bucks out of it and planned to sell it. Prior to selling, you formatted it to ensure that your data does not get recovered. Next, you are just about to sell.

But, hold on, before you sell it off and put yourself in haphazard condition. Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself.

Queries are as follows: 

  • Has disk formatting removed the data securely from Mac?
  • Has formatting eliminated the chances of Mac data recovery?
  • Is your IT Asset completely ready for selling or donating?
  • Does your formatted IT Asset ensure safety against compromise risk?

Deciding Factor: Yes or No

If the answer to all the above-stated queries is yes, then you are ready to go, but if any of these strikes to your mind and triggers you to think again, then this Blog post is for you.

Why So?

The reason being Mac File Recovery is possible even after Formatting or Data Erasure. The only thing you need is an efficient Data Recovery Software like Stellar Data Recovery for Mac that ensures to recover almost everything in all possible data loss scenarios ranging from simple, deletion, formatting to permanent removal. Download the software trial version:

Let us get deeper and delve into bit details.

Formatting Overview? What Is Mac Drive Formatting?

In simple words, it is a process to make the Data Storage Device ready for Initial use.

Why Is Mac HDD Formatting Done?

Mac Hard Drive Formatting is done for several reasons. These are as follows:

  • To remap a hard drive
  • Create fresh sectors
  • Switch to another file system (HFS-FAT)
  • To get rid of files stored on a drive

Does Formatting Give Complete Data Removal Safety?

No! Formatting the Mac Data Storage Device does not ensure complete Data Removal & Security of the Information.

Why Doesn’t Formatted Mac Drive Ensure Complete Data Removal Safety?

The reason being, formatting the drive, just marks the area as deleted instead of actually deleting it. So, the files will be in invisible mode and can be restored using Mac Data Recovery as stated above.

Then, what’s next, how to securely erase or wipe a Mac hard drive prior selling or donating?


Various approaches are in use to securely wipe off the Data from the Mac Hard Drive. Some of them are as follows:

Resolution 1

Secure Wipe with Disk Utility

One of the most common manual way. You can use it in the case of Partition level (Non-Startup Disk) case.

Steps are as follows: 

  • Open the Disk Utility
  • Select the desired Partition
  • Click on Erase
  • Click Security Option
  • Select desired Pass (Single, 3, or 7)

Note: You cannot erase Startup Disk with the Disk Utility unless and until you boot the Mac from Recovery Mode.

Resolution 2: Secure Wipe Startup Disk

Another efficient way to erase data. Its steps are as follows:

  • Restart Mac
  • Boot into Recovery Mode using Command + R
  • Next, go to Disk Utility
  • Select Apple HDD
  • Select Erase
  • Select Security Options
  • Choose the desired Pass Option (Single, 3, or 7)

Wake-up Call

Being manual-oriented, the above-stated solutions demands technical know-how and includes compromise risk. Sometimes it might be possible that it does not work properly. Under such a scenario going for a professional solution like Stellar Wipe Mac is the sure-shot.

Stellar Wipe Mac Overview

A Best Drive Wipe Solution to comprehensively wipe off unsolicited sensitive data permanently from Mac OS based hard drive.  Thanks to its powerful wiping algorithms, you can ensure complete and permanent Data Erasure, beyond Data Recovery scope. So, trust this Mac Wipe tool to Erase Drive, System Traces, Internet Browsing Data, Instant Messaging Data, to Recent File Histories. It also lets you wipe both selected individual files and the entire folder in a single go.


  • Set of Standard Wiping Algorithms
  • Easy-to-Use Wiping Options
  • Wipe Task Schedule Option
  • Simultaneously Wipes Multiple Drives
  • Bootable DVD to secure wipe startup drive

How Does It Work?

Once you are done with download, installation, and registration part, follow the sequential steps as stated.

Steps are as follows:

  • Download & install the trial version of Stellar Wipe Mac
  • Launch the software and from the Main Interface, choose Drive Wipe
Stellar Wipe - Main Interface
  • Next, from the hard drives list attached to computer, Select the desired drive and click on Continue
Stellar Wipe - Select the Drive - Click Continue
  • Next, select the Wiping Algorithms from the available options for the Drive Wipe task and click Start Wiping to start the wiping process.
Stellar Wipe - Select Wipe Algorithm - Click Continue
  • Click Continue

The Data Erasure Process is Complete

Final Thoughts 

Now, you must be aware of why recovery is also possible from Formatted Mac drive and how efficient third-party tools like Stellar Mac data Recovery ensures complete recovery with precision under multiple formatting scenarios even.

So, be sure while selling and donating your IT Asset as the simple format does not protect you against Data compromise risk. Adding more, the best practice to erase your data is Data Wipe tool like Stellar Wipe Mac. Try it!

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