Consequences of Hard Disk Myths

Invention of computer has given many significant advantages in term of itsHard Disk Myths working speed and high capacity to store the data. It executes its task within fraction of second and save data permanently to hard disk drive. Every electronic device is having some limitations and rumours which become traditional myths in latter time. There are some myth regarding hard disks which were followed by people to fix the errors in the hard disk but in reality situation becomes too worst after which it is impossible to hard disk recovery and there is no option will left to recover data except to use any professional data recovery software. People had taken these mind-boggling suggestions from their friend or Internet.

Following are some myths regarding hard disk when data is lost or it stop working permanently.

hard-disk Drop It

Some people has written in technical forums that the hard disk will start to work after dropping it on the hard surface from some height. They believed that it may start working if something is jammed inside hard disk but actually the hard disk stops to work forever if it is hit hard on the ground because internal component gets damaged and data will be lost forever.

Dropping a hard disk drive on ground from table or from the roof, can broke internal component such as disk head, actuator or platter and leads to hard disk failure. It can also put scratch on the surface of platter where all data are stored. In such a worst situation, the data contained in the hard drive cannot be recovered from any data recovery software or by using any data recovery service provider.

external hard disk Freeze It or Heat It

Freezing the hard disk may rearrange the magnetism of magnetic material coated on the platter of hard disks. It might start to work again for some interval of time but if it stop to work, then it is hard to recover lost data from the hard disk. The data are erased forever due to degradation of magnetic material from the platter of the hard disk.

Heating of hard disk creates situation more vulnerable. Data are stored in the magnetic form on platter which is surfaced by magnetic material. Forward direction is stored as 1 and backward direction is stored as 0. Magnetic material will lose their magnetism in hot temperature. So, It is understood that doing these activities will result in terms of complete data lost from the hard disk without any prior intimation.

software-icon Data Recovery Software

There are some misconceptions about bad data recovery software that while recovering the data, it puts more strain on hard disk drive and thus components of hard disk become inaccessible in some conditions. However, the fact is that the data recovery software performs same read/write operations as another program does, without causing any harm to the hard disk.

Apart from this, some people think that data recovery software doesn’t recover any data and is a complete wastage of the user’s hard earned money. Data recovery software recovers those deleted files or data, which are not over written by any other file. As only the index paths of the deleted files are removed and the content of files still remain in the storage media, over-writing causes loss of the content as well. But, before being over-written, any accidentally deleted data can be easily recovered by using any good data recovery software.

thought-icon Conclusion

The hard disk of your system incorporates many electro-mechanical components in it and any of the above recovery myth can cause serious damage to the components, resulting in permanent data loss. Hence, it is important to handle the hard drive with care and under any instance of logical data loss, opt for any reliable data recovery software for maximum possible recovery. Also, as the data in your hard drive is invaluable, it is always suggested to ensure the read-only property of the data recovery software, before using the same.

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