Convert Outlook for Mac (OLM) emails, contacts & Calendar items to Outlook 2016

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client for Windows and Mac users. In Mac, the emails and other Outlook data (contacts, calendar items, tasks, notes etc.) are stored in OLM format. If you want to import this data to Outlook 2016 for Windows, you need to convert OLM emails, contacts, and calendar items to Outlook PST file.

Let’s look at the procedure to convert Outlook for Mac OLM emails, contacts and calendar items to Outlook 2016.

How to convert OLM data to Outlook 2016

There are two methods to perform the said conversion:

  1. A three-step simple process
  2. Through IMAP email server

Let us look at both methods in detail:

Method 1: Three-step simple process

Step #1- Export OLM Mails, Contacts, and Calendar items from Outlook for Mac

  1. Open Outlook for Mac on your Mac
  2. Click the Tools tab
  3. Click Export option to export OLM Mails, Contacts, and Calendar items to an OLM archive file
  4. In the Export to Archive dialog, check the following item types – Mail, Calendar, and Contacts. You can also select other two item types like Tasks and Notes
  5. Click Continue
  6. In the Save Archive File (.OLM) dialog box, find Favorites in the left pane.
  7. Click Downloads under Favorites header. It means the OLM archive will be saved in the Downloads folder
  8. Click Save. The data from Outlook for Mac will be now exported in an OLM file archive. You will receive a notification when the process is completed.
  9. Click Finish

Step #2 – Convert OLM file to PST file

Currently, Microsoft does not provide any tool to convert OLM file to PST file in Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 & earlier versions for Windows. Hence, you need to use a professional OLM to PST conversion tool for the purpose. We recommend using Stellar Converter for OLM, which is the safest and most reliable product in the category. It converts all OLM components such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes to Outlook compatible PST format hassle-freely and even gives users the option to convert the OLM file to MSG and EML formats. It offers several other benefits over other similar products such as fully interactive GUI, 100% secure download, free preview of converted items, and a lot more. Visit to know more about this product.

Here’s how you can use this tool to convert OLM to PST format:

  • Download, install and launch Stellar Converter for OLM
free download
  • The home screen of the software provides an option to select the OLM Mailbox. If you don’t know the location of the OLM file, then click on ‘Find Mailbox.’
  • Click ‘Covert’ to initiate the scanning process.
  • Once the scan finishes, all convertible items will be displayed in a tree-view list in the software’s left-hand panel. You can preview any item by clicking on it.
  • To save the converted file, click on the ‘Save’ option from the File menu
  • Select ‘PST’ as output format and click on ‘OK.’
  • You will be asked to pick whether you wish to save the converted file to an existing PST or create a new one. Select the appropriate option and also provide destination folder to save the file
  • Click on ‘OK’ to save

Step #3 – Import PST file to Outlook 2016

  • Open Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Windows on your PC
  • Click File
  • Click Open & Export
  • Then, Click Import/Export
  • In the Import/Export wizard, select Import from another program or file from the list
  • Click Next
  • In the Import Outlook Data file, click Browse and navigate to the folder where you have the PST file(OLM to PST converted file)
  • Under Option header, select any option as per your preference
  • Click Next
  • Further, Click Import Items into the current folder
  • Click Finish

Method 2: Through IMAP email server

Using this method, you can convert your OLM data to Outlook 2016.

  • Open Outlook 2016 for Windows on your PC
  • Set up an account on the IMAP email server. For example, create Gmail or Yahoo email account
  • Set up an IMAP account in MS Outlook 2016 for Windows
  • After the account is set up successfully, transfer Outlook for Mac data items to IMAP mailbox.
  • When the OLM email items appear in your IMAP account, MS Outlook 2016 for Windows will download emails from the server

Wrapping it up

We hope the methods mentioned above will prove to be useful if you need to convert OLM data to Outlook 2016. These methods are useful to share OLM emails with users who are using Windows systems. It is also useful in scenarios where you have employees using different systems (Mac and Windows) at different locations.

To convert emails, contacts, calendar items, tasks, notes and other data from OLM to Office 365 directly, avail the technician version of Stellar Converter for OLM for free preview of convertible data.

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