Drawbacks/Threats of Using a Free Photo Recovery Software

Summary: Have you ever thought what will you do if you ever lose your special memories? Yes, will go for freeware Photo recovery software. Are you sure, there will be no dangers like blurry photos, destroying other photos, inaccurate scanning, etc.? If this query has also hit your mind and make you rethink, then your search ends here. Read on to learn about the dangers/hazards of free photo recovery software.

Lost your Wedding photos, family trip pictures, or baby shower images?  Yes! I recently lost the baby shower pics!!

Do you have a backup? No!

Would you like to try a manual process? No!

Why?  Because it appears to be quite challenging!

Then, what will you do now?

Probably, will go for a Photo Recovery software! I learned that there are tens and thousands of free Photo Recovery software in this particular marketplace by which I can recover my lost pics.

Are you sure, you want to go for freeware?

Yes! but is there any issue with freeware?

Wondering if this conversion or query has triggered your mind and asked you to have a second thought on your decision, then here is a comprehensive walkthrough for you – a guide about the Drawbacks of using a free photo recovery software.

Threats of Using a Free Photo Recovery Software

Being a bargainer and a savvy shopper, you always look for the best possible deal. Naturally, the freeware attracts you like everyone, but the point of consideration here is that free stuff may come up with hidden agendas. Similar is the case when it comes to Photo Recovery Software. If the software is free, then there might be some constraints.

Let’s unveil the truth associated with Free Photo Recovery Software.

Top Four Problems with Free Photo Recovery Programs

Common Risks Associated with Free Photo Recovery Programs

Risk Why Drawback
No Security, Privacy, & Confidentiality Assurance Software does not assure Read-only Copy Security Issue can be possible
Let’s you Recover File only up to Certain Extent Limited-feature Availability Cannot Recover Completely
Can Make the Drive Including Photos Fail Faster May have a potential to enhance the drive spins You will lose hold of your Photos as well as Drive
No Guarantee of Accurate Scan Result Has the potential to freeze when faced with Bad Sectors, and further does not attempt multiple passes Unable to Compile File
Not Protected against Write Protection Windows keeps modifying MBRs and freeware does not safeguard it Photos Recovery becomes impossible at times


Therefore, in short, we can say that relying on a free Photo Recovery software is not the correct choice.

Then what’s the ideal option?

Paid Photo Recovery Software!

Wondering how is it different from a Freeware?

Yes, here is a comprehensive overview of the same.

Free vs Paid Photo Recovery software

Parameter/Aspect Free Photo Recovery Software Paid Photo Recovery Software
Data Integrity and Confidentiality No Yes
Overwriting Risk Yes No
Complete Recovery Guarantee No Yes
Read-Only Assurance No Yes
Drive Failure Issue Yes No
Proper and Accurate Scanning No Yes


Considering the above, it will not be erroneous to state that Paid Photo Recovery Software is a sure-shot solution!

Now, moving forward, the next big query triggering you, will be which paid version to opt?

Well, you may opt for Stellar Photo Recovery software. It has been reviewed, analyzed, tested, and approved by TechGeeks on various parameters such as security, quality, performance, functionality, etc.  Apart from Photos, you can also recover videos and music files using this DIY Recovery software. Support to Create Image, Add New Header, Specific Region Recovery, Resume Recovery, Raw Recovery, Unicode File Recovery, > 4TB Storage Media, etc. are few of its important characteristics.

Photo Recovery photo recovery mac

The Final Word!

Tricky actions with Photos can happen at any course of time, and when it happens there is no escape from it, and the only thing as a consequence is Photo Loss. In such a state of despair, instead of rushing behind a freeware to save some pennies, always make sure to opt for the right Data Recovery approach. This rational approach will not only help restore your fond memories but will also maintain its integrity!

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