Embrace Data Recovery Software and Secure your Precious Data

For both Consumers and Business alike Data Privacy, Confidentiality and Security is of critical importance, especially with the ever-increasing Data Consumption.  However, the global outbreak of Wanna cry and Petya ransomware, malware and other security breaches are continuously posing threat to data security in one form or the other. This raises a concern among the digital world and several queries are being posted on forums and other tech posts on how to secure data in wake of such threats.

According to the survey conducted by the consultancy firms, there is a substantial data loss by both individuals and business personnel annually:

  • According to Gartner

Every year, approx. 25% of all PC users undergo data loss


  • According to University of Texas

94% of companies suffering from a catastrophic data loss do not survive. Further, 51% close within two years and 43% never reopen.

Source-  GEMALTO

  • According to DTI/Price Waterhouse Coopers

70 percent out of 100 firms (specifically small) move out of business within a year, due to significant data loss.

 Impact of Data Loss:

  1. Confidential Information Exposure

Irrespective of the fact, whether a data loss has happened due to negligence or is intentional, the end result is sensitive information getting exposed. For instance, if the company’s data gets compromised, all the confidential information related to the customer, clients, business, etc. gets leaked leading to loss of business.

  1. Productivity Disruption

Another aspect that gets adversely affected is Productivity. Reason being, the recovery of data loss can take time ranging from as less time as half an hour to as high as several days. Due to this, regular operations cannot resume until data gets retrieved to avoid further aggravation.

  1. Compromise Issue

Data loss if not handled in a right manner and within the required framework can sometimes result in compromise situation which results in the monetary loss.

Data loss if not handled in a right manner and within the required framework can sometimes result in compromise situation which results in the monetary loss.

Note: Make sure to backup data at regular intervals. Just enable it once according to the need.

Data Recovery Methods:

But in case the data backup is not updated or available there are other options available to recover the lost or deleted data. These are:

  1. Restoration from the Previous Version
  2. Auto Recover feature
  3. Recovery from Temp Files
  4. Using CMD Command
  5. Using Data Recovery Software

Reasons not to purchase Data Recovery Software:

Data recovery market is flourishing with multiple data recovery tools. There could be various reasons to avoid the purchase of data recovery software, see which one is yours:

  • My data is not important/valuable/confidential
  • I will purchase the same when the need arises
  • I have recovered my data with manual methods ( Using Data Recovery Methods 1 to 4)
  • I don’t want to spend money on data recovery software (Recover Up To 1 GB Data Free)
  • My hard drive is physically damaged
  • I have a complete backup of my data (Great!!!)
  • I don’t know which is the best data recovery software
  • Not Sure!

While there can be numerous reasons to avoid the immediate purchase of Data Recovery Software, some of which are outlined above, but if your data is important and you want to be secure in a data loss situation you should surely try out data recovery software developed by Stellar Data Recovery. This has several advantages as listed below :

  • Promises Complete Recovery
  • Does Not Impact the Drive
  • Guarantee Precision and Accuracy
  • Does Not Modifies MBRs as Involves Write Protection
  • No Compromise or Overwriting issues
  • Best Data Recovery Software Available in the Market (PCMAG Editor’s Choice Award)
  • 1 Year Free Customer Support
  • 100% Secure and Trusted (Recovering Data Since 1993)
  • Try Before Buy
  • 2 Million satisfied customers
  • Cost Effective

So if your data is important and you do not want to end up in a compromising situation due to data loss and put your entire business at stake; you need to procure data recovery software for your Windows or Mac systems.

In Summation

Data loss and Data Recovery are like hand in glove processes. When the former takes a toll, the latter has to protect. The first and foremost solution is Backup. In the absence of Backup, Manual Methods are a perfect option. Lastly, in cases, when both fail, data recovery software is the only choice. But, do remember to select a reliable data recovery software like Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows to ensure protection against data compromise and business loss risk.

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