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Steps to Export GroupWise mailboxes with archive directly into Office 365 or Outlook profile

Both GroupWise and Microsoft Outlook are equally good when it comes to emailing and contacts management. The main areas where Outlook outshines GroupWise are security, user-friendliness, and speed. That’s why many organizations look to export their GroupWise mailboxes to a more flexible emailing platform like Outlook. And if an organization wants to go to the cloud, Office 365 seems like the obvious choice. But usually, performing an email migration isn’t a straightforward task.

A major component of any organization’s email storage is archive mailboxes. You can’t ignore archive mailboxes if you’re planning a complete email migration as some important information might have been saved in them. However, migrating archive mailboxes can be slightly trickier as compared to normal mailboxes.

In this blog post, we will explore the methods to export GroupWise archived mailboxes to Outlook or Office 365, as follows:

Method 1: Manually migrating GroupWise archive to Outlook/Office 365

Before you begin with this procedure, ensure that your GroupWise archive mailbox is backed up. Also, please note that if you don’t have any archive emails in your mailbox, you don’t need to follow this procedure.

Note: If an earlier migration was unsuccessful, do not continue with this process. Also, as part of this process, all your current emails will be deleted from your GroupWise mailbox. Thus, before continuing, ensure that the current emails have been migrated to Outlook/Office 365 already.

  1. Log in to your GroupWise account
  2. After checking that the current emails have been migrated to Outlook/Office 365, delete them from the GroupWise mailbox such that only the archive emails are remaining. This means you will have to delete the Sent emails and emails in any custom folder too. Only leave the archive emails behind
  3. Then, click on the ‘ONLINE’ button from the upper left corner and then select “Archive”. This will take you to the archive folder
  4. In this folder, manually un-archive all items
  5. Select any folder from the left side and then highlight an email from that folder
  6. Now select all emails by hitting Ctrl + A
  7. Right-click on the one of the selected emails and uncheck the “Archive” checkbox
  8. Repeat this to un-archive the emails in each folder
  9. Once all archived emails have been un-archived, reinitiate a migration of your GroupWise mailbox to Outlook/Office 365

Method 2: Software for migrating GroupWise archive to Outlook/Office 365

While the above mentioned approach works, it will only be fruitful if you know how to migrate current GroupWise emails and other mailbox items to Outlook/Office 365. In other words, you need to know how to perform a GroupWise to PST conversion for this process to work.

Looking for a simple solution for it? How about an automated GroupWise to PST converter!

Stellar Converter for GroupWise is a reliable software to perform GroupWise to PST conversion. The software uses a 3-step (select-scan-preview) approach to extract data from GroupWise mailbox, convert it to PST format, and save the converted data to Office 365 account directly.

Here are the steps to export GroupWise mailboxes with archive directly into Office 365 by using this software:

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  1. Download, install, and launch Stellar Converter for GroupWise
  2. From the main software screen, select the mailbox mode to be converted. You will have the options: Online, Remote, Caching or Archive
  3. Once the mode has been selected, fill ‘GroupWise Server Information’ credentials related to the selection and click on ‘OK’
  4. The next screen shows the mailbox scanning progress. Once the scan finishes, all convertible items will be displayed in a tree-view list in the software’s left hand panel. From here you can preview any item by double clicking it
  5. Once satisfied with preview, save the converted file by clicking on the ‘Save’ option from the menu
  6. Choose output format as ‘PST’ and click on ‘Next’ to choose destination location for saving
  7. Apply the filters needed and click on ‘OK’ to save the file.

If you’re unsure about using this software, download its demo version first. If you can preview your converted items, that means the conversion will be successful. In that case, you can go ahead and register your product to save the converted data.

Final Words

GroupWise to Outlook or Office 365 migration can be made simpler if you have the right tools to assist you. Although manual techniques are almost always available, they are often too lengthy and risk-prone. Thus, automated converter applications such as Stellar Converter for GroupWise are recommended.

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