Possible Workarounds for SQL Database Error 7929

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Summary: This blog explains in detail about what results in SQL database error 7929. Also, it discusses the manual methods and software approach to fix the error.

Possible Workarounds for SQL Database Error 7929

Microsoft SQL Server is popularly and extensively used across organizations due to the extraordinary features and benefits it provides for data storage. Yet, the downside is that at times its database becomes corrupt or damaged, thus, leading to inaccessibility of the data stored within it. Also, it comes up with an error message in such situations of corruption. Well, one such error is SQL database error 7929.

SQL Database Error 7929 Details

Sometimes users are unable to access a few or all Tables in the SQL Server database. Now, if they execute DBCC CHECKDB with and without TABLOCK to know the reason, they encounter SQL error 7929. The complete error message is as follows:

Msg 7929, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

Check statement aborted. Database contains deferred transactions.

Point to Remember: The DBCC CHECKDB TABLOCK option helps to grab a database lock which helps to prevent the database from users’ access.

Deferred Transaction in SQL Server

Now, the question is what Deferred Transaction in SQL Server is!

In the Enterprise Edition of MS SQL Server 2005 and new versions, a Deferred Transaction is nothing but a transaction that is uncommitted after the roll forward phase is complete and the one that has encountered an error. This averts it from being rolled back. Chiefly, a corrupt or damaged transaction is deferred if data needed by rollback (undo) is in offline mode during the time of SQL server database startup.

Moving a Transaction Out of the DEFERRED State

Moving a Transaction out of the deferred state is the approach that one can take to fix SQL error 7929. This requires the database to begin without any Input/Output errors. If a deferred transaction exists, it becomes necessary to fix the source responsible for Input/Output errors. Let’s look at the several ways using which you can do away with the error.  

The Manual Methods to Fix SQL Error 7929

The available manual solutions that can be tried to fix the error are as follows:

  1. Resume the SQL Server database.

Note – If the issue was temporary the database gets fixed and starts without deferred transactions.

  1. If the transactions have gone in a deferred state because of an offline filegroup you need to bring it back in the online state. To do so, use the Transact-SQL statement that is as follows:

RESTORE DATABASE database_name FILEGROUP=<filegroup_name>

  1. Restore the database using an online backup.

Restore from backup

  1. Make the offline filegroup ‘defunct’ if a filegroup whose offline status is causing transactions to be deferred is not needed. Transactions that got deferred due to offline filegroup are moved out of the deferred state if the filegroup becomes ‘defunct.’
  1. If the transaction was deferred due to a bad page and if a backup is not available, do the following:
    • Reset suspect status of the SQL database and then put it in emergency mode. To do so, you would have to execute a Transact-SQL statement that is as follows:


    • Next, use DBCC REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS option in any DBCC statements that are DBCC CHECKDB, DBCC CHECKALLOC, and DBCC CHECKTABLE to repair the SQL database that is in damaged state.

NoteWhen DBCC faces or comes across a bad page, it deallocates the page and fixes all the errors that are correlated. This approach taken, helps users to bring the database to online mode from offline mode. Plus, it also makes the database physically consistent. Nevertheless, as this method is prone to data loss it should be used as a last resort.

Use SQL Database Repair Software 

The online marketplace is flooded with a number of third-party automated software that can fix several SQL errors including SQL database error 7929. Nonetheless, choosing one from a plethora of such software is a difficult task. This is because all brands claim to give in their best, but the reality speaks something else.

 Without a doubt, you can use Stellar Repair for MS SQL. Being a feature-rich software it provides a number of benefits and fixes all SQL errors thoroughly without if’s and but’s. It repairs MDF files that are corrupt and recovers all objects of the MDF and NDF files.

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Some benefits that the software provides are as follows:

  • Repairs MDF and NDF files of MS SQL Server database.
  • Recovers tables, triggers, keys, indexes, rules, defaults, etc.
  • Supports recovery of SQL Server ‘deleted records’.
  • Offers ‘Search’ option to find and recover particular objects.
  • Provides multiple saving options: MS SQL(.MDF), XLS, HTML, and CSV file formats.
  • Compatible with MS SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 and older versions.

 In Summation

It is true that manual methods do exist to resolve issues in MS SQL Server. Nonetheless, the use of Stellar Repair for MS SQL software befits the query: how to fix SQL database error 7929. The reason being, it is embedded with a number of beneficial features to combat SQL errors effectively. All in all, it has a high success rate in comparison to the manual tricks that require good technical knowledge and experience without which users would not be able to get successful results.

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