Fix OneDrive ‘Videos not Playing’ issue

OneDrive is a smart way to store your videos. The best thing about it is that you can directly play videos in the cloud storage, without the need to save them in your hard drive. However, despite its many advantages, OneDrive community and forums are filled with complaints of videos not playing properly or showing errors while trying to open in the cloud storage.

‘I intermittently get – video can’t be opened errors. However, sometimes they play fine. Is it a OneDrive issue? How can I fix it?’

I uploaded videos from my Android phone onto OneDrive. Now they no longer open in Chrome. Though all the videos play fine using a desktop video player. What can I do to access them in cloud storage?’

Why your OneDrive Video not playing?

There can be many reasons to this. Some are given in the errors itself such as below:

‘Video can’t be played due to unsupported format.’

‘The video couldn’t be played. Make sure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile network.’

Poor Internet connection or absence of supported codecs in the media player prevents the videos to play. OneDrive lets you save videos of any file format, but only plays those that have its supported file formats. If your movies, music, or other training videos are Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected, OneDrive will not play them too.

Checkpoints when trying to play OneDrive videos

  • Internet connection is up and working.
  • Check if the problematic videos have the supporting file format.
  • Desktop PCs have a more powerful processor and graphic card required to play 4k UHD.
  • PC has the latest video and sound drivers.

Methods to fix OneDrive videos not playing

fix onedrive videos not playing

  1. Decrease video quality and play

Decreasing the video size and resolution can make your videos playable. This works generally when Internet connection is slow or you face video streaming issues. Also, higher quality videos play poorly if your PC doesn’t have the necessary processing power.

  1. Play videos in offline mode

Try to view existing videos offline in OneDrive. Click the video to open it. Select the Keep Offline  icon at the top in the app. Now, you should be able to play it.

  1. Convert videos to a supporting format

OneDrive can play only the compatible video formats that include 3G2, 3GP, 3GP2, 3GPP, AVI, M4A, M4V, MOV, MP4, SAMI, SMI, WAV, WMA, and WMV. Hence, convert the non-playing videos to OneDrive supporting format. You can use a trusted online video converter tool.

  1. Switch to another media player

Probably, the media player you are using does not have the supporting codec. Either try to play the video in a different player or install a codec pack on your system. The codec pack contains codec for various video formats, making your videos playable in all players such as Cloud Media Player, Winamp, Windows Media Player, VLC Player etc.

  1. Use a professional video repair software

If any video in OneDrive is not playing properly, choppy, out-of-sync or pops up error when you try to play it, probably it is corrupt.

Use Stellar Repair for Video— a safe to download software that repairs all kinds of video corruption. The DIY software repairs multiple files in one go, in just 3-step simple steps.

You can fix corruption that occurs due to improper system shutdown, virus infection, compression issues, incomplete download, damaged drive etc. The software supports AVI, ASF, WMV, MKV, FLV, DIVX, WEBM, MJPEG, MPEG, AVCHD, MTS, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, and F4V files stored in all drives and media.

Steps to repair videos with Stellar Repair for Video

  1. Click Add File on home page of the software,
  2. Click Repair to fix the added corrupt videos. The repairing process begins. You can view the progress bar. A Stop option is there to stop the repair process anytime.
  3. After the repair process completes, Preview and Click Save Repaired File to save the repaired videos.

Video Repair Video Repair Mac

Wrapping Up

Stellar Repair for Video is an assured solution to fix corrupt videos of OneDrive. Millions of people use it to repair their corrupt videos saved in cloud storage due to its advanced repairing capabilities. Nevertheless, do not forget to try the simple workarounds like playing on another media player and converting the video files to other formats.

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