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Summary: What is the best way to ensure that you extract maximum benefit out of a software application? Register it! Registering any software that you download from the Internet not only gives you access to full features of the product but also entitles you to receive regular product updates, improvements, as well as full customer support.

Does a free cracked version of the latest iOS, or the latest Windows operating system, or any other coveted software/application sound alluring to you? If it does, you’re among the thousands of Internet users who love freebies. We’re not judging, but we’d just like to make you aware of some downsides software cracks have. This should help you completely understand the risks you’re taking when opting for a cracked program over legitimate software and make an informed choice.

The highs and lows of Cracked / Pirated Software

Everyone likes free stuff. And if it’s software, all the better, since no-one can turn up at your door asking you to return it, right? Well, not entirely! Though the cracked software is free and works the same as registered software, there are several reasons why you should avoid using it. Here are just a few:

  • It is illegal. Everything you download can be tracked and you may actually find yourself being served a notice over buying pirated software.
  • It won’t upgrade with bug fixes, patches, and new features which legitimate software would. So you’ll actually be missing out.
  • You won’t be entitled to get support from the software vendor in case any problem arises while using the software. That applies to warranty too. Pirated software = no warranty.
  • You can never be sure whether the software crack you’re downloading is actually the software you want or malware disguised as an application. So while you think you’re being clever and saving some money, you’re actually putting your computer at risk and might be incurring future monetary and data losses.

Trial / Demo Versions are Better Option

If you need a particular software program for a one-time task but you can’t afford to buy it, opt for using it’s trial or demo version. Most vendors offer trial/demo versions of their software which you can download for free and use for a couple of days (or a couple of tasks) without paying anything. These trial versions are designed with the aim of giving prospective buyers a peek into the software’s working and hopefully convincing them to make a purchase. This is where you can benefit.

Download the trial version of the product you desire from its official vendor website and use it for your current tasks or as long as the trial lasts. Thereafter, don’t upgrade or buy its license if you don’t wish to or can’t afford. That way, you get to complete your work without paying anything and without subjecting your data to the risks of pirated software.

Now that we’ve established the benefit of licensed software over cracked serial keys, let us see how you can obtain the license key of a popular utility that lets you migrate your Lotus Notes mailbox data to Microsoft Outlook.

Stellar Converter for NSF – a brief glance

When an employee changes his organization, he often has to switch from one email client to another. Users wishing to opt for a user-friendly emailing experience are also often prompted to switch their email clients. Mailbox migration basically involves conversion from one email format to another. In the case of Lotus Notes to MS Outlook migration, this involves an NSF to PST conversion.

There is a free manual way to perform Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion, however, to convert NSF to Petitt involves large number of steps, is time-consuming, and often needs technical know-how. That’s the reason people are prompted to use automated tools which make the process quick and hassle-free. However, since such converter tools can often be a bit pricey, people resort to methods like obtaining illegal serial cracks of converter software to solve their purpose.

That’s the exact reason we’re introducing an affordable and reliable product here which will help you perform Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion in a short time and in a risk-free manner. We’re talking about Stellar Converter for NSF which is currently one of the most trusted techniques used by professionals as well as home users to migrate mailbox data from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook. This DIY software helps you to export all mailbox items of the NSF file including your emails, attachments, contacts, calendar, journals etc., to Outlook compatible PST format. With a wide compatible with various Lotus Notes and Outlook versions, this is the best product you can lay your hands on for NSF to PST conversion.

How to get Stellar Converter for NSF License Key

With Stellar Converter for NSF, you won’t have to resort to serial key cracks. The product offers a free demo version which can be downloaded from the vendor website easily and installed on your system quickly. It gives you the option to scan NSF file and preview the mailbox items that can be converted. Furthermore, the demo version of the software lets you convert 10 items per mailbox folder at absolutely no cost! So if you have a small mailbox, you can use this product for totally free or you could say that it is free nsf to pst converter. Simply select what you wish to convert and you’re done (the tool facilitates selective conversion).

If however, you need to convert more than 10 items, you can register your product as follows:

  • Run demo version of Stellar Converter for NSF software.

free download

  • On the Registration menu, click Register option.
  • Choose ’I don’t have the registration key’
  • Click OK, to go online and purchase the product.
  • Once the order is confirmed, a Registration Key will be sent to the email provided at the time of purchase.
  • In the Register window, type the Registration Key and click Register button

Once the activation process completes, you will see a dialog box with the confirmation message ‘Activation Completed Successfully’.

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