Why Is Data Recovery Expensive? Is There Any Alternative Way to Recover My Data?

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Summary: In this blog, we'll share the reasons for the costly nature of data recovery and provide an alternative way to recover your lost data on Mac. Download the data recovery software for Mac to free recover up to 1 GB of your lost data.

Why Is Data Recovery Expensive? Is There Any Alternative Way to Recover My Data?
Table of Content

You’ll learn:

1. Reasons for High-Priced Data Recovery
2. Free Software Method to Recover Mac Data

When you go for data recovery software for Mac, you’ll always find it quite pricey. Do you know the reason, why data recovery is so expensive? The next section lists a few common reasons.

1. Reasons for High-Priced Data Recovery

  • Involves state-of-the-art technology and software to get back lost data from a drive
  • Takes hours to scan a high-storage capacity hard drive and recover data
  • Uses Class 100 Clean Room to open a damaged hard drive
  • Replaces damaged components of a hard drive from a donor drive
  • Requires cloning of damaged hard drive to avoid further data loss in the recovery process
  • Includes transport charges to send and receive the drive to and from its owner

This justifies the high price for data recovery from a reliable service center. But do you think you always need to send your drive to a specialist for data recovery? The answer is no. In the next section, we’ll share an alternative way that can help you recover your lost data on macOS.

2. Free Software Method to Recover Mac Data

If your Mac hard drive doesn’t have any physical damage and works perfectly, then instead of taking help from a service center you must first try out a free Mac data recovery software to scan the drive and recover lost, deleted, formatted, encrypted, or inaccessible data from the drive.

Steps to recover data from Mac hard drive:

  1. Download & install Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition on your Mac.
  2. Launch the software to interact with its easy-to-use graphical user interface.
  3. From ‘Select What To Recover’ screen, select the required file types then click Next.
  4. From ‘Select Location’ screen, select the drive, click Deep Scan, and then click Scan.
  5. When the scan is complete, double-click a file to preview. Save the scan information.
  6. Select critical files (up to 1 GB) then click Recover.
  7. Click Browse to specify a different volume then click Save.
  8. When the recovery is complete, visit the save location to test the recovered files.

Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac provides unlimited free drive scanning and file preview plus 1 GB of free file saving. To save all the recoverable data, you need to activate the software.

Why spending on a data recovery software is worthy for recovering your precious data?

The cost of purchasing the activation license for a data recovery software is trivial compared to the cost of recovering your data from a service center. So, if you value your precious data and wish to get it back at an affordable rate, then get the best Mac data recovery software for a limited period to recover your lost data from all logical data loss situations.

Affordable editions of Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac

Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac software can be activated to Standard Edition at a nominal 1-year subscription plan. Plus, you can unlock advanced features of the activated software, anytime, by upgrading it to a higher edition (Professional, Premium, or Technician) by paying only the difference amount. Further, all Stellar software has a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with the product. So, activate the software with full confidence.

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Now you know why data recovery is so expensive and how you can recover your data from your Mac or Mac-based storage drive at an affordable rate. But, if your Mac hard drive, be it internal or external, has a physical failure and your data is critical, you’ve no choice other than sending it to a data recovery expert.

For all logical data loss scenarios, Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac is what you need to salvage your data without paying heavily on data recovery from a service center. The do-it-yourself software is compatible with macOS Catalina 10.15 and earlier and supports APFS, HFS+, HFS, NTFS, FAT, and exFAT file systems.

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