How Costly is Data Recovery Software for Apple Mac Desktops and Laptops

This blog helps Mac users evaluate how much a Mac data recovery software on Apple desktops and laptops would cost them? It outlines the scenarios where users may need data recovery and suggest pocket-friendly and efficient Mac data recovery software by Stellar.

Apple desktops and laptops are substantially robust machines for personal as well as professional use. These machines provide mechanisms that prevent executables from running automatically, inbuilt Disk Utility that tackles cryptic issues with the storage drive, Time Machine Backup and Restore Utility to safeguard your critical data, and much more. However, all that said, there are still a lot of things that can go wrong with Macs, either due to human or technical errors.

While Mac users can deal with mechanical faults, loss of critical data is often an irreparable blow. Thus, every user tries to keep their vital data and applications safeguarded. Even in the worst-case scenario, users do not mind investing money to protect or recover their data. Nonetheless, data recovery services often charge users dearly in exchange for their coveted data, making the field seem a little over-the-top.

So the fundamental question here is—what is the justified price you need to pay for regaining lost, inaccessible, or deleted data? What’s the most affordable file recovery software for Mac?

What fuels the need for Mac Data Recovery?

Before answering the preceding questions, let us try to understand the data loss scenarios in brief. Let us find out why data recovery is required on Apple machines in the first place.

Small problems are often more irksome than bigger issues. More often than not, we direct all our focus on preventing huge disasters but overlook the tiny mistakes that could become problematic in the future. Here is a modest list of possible causes that can trigger Mac data loss, thus giving rise to the need for data recovery:

  1. Accidental data deletion due to the emptying of Trash
  2. Complete drive erasure while resizing or formatting partitions
  3. Logical disk failure making data inaccessible
  4. Damage to the partition table leading to missing partitions
  5. Data corruption due to bad sectors on the storage drive
  6. Malware infection (rare on Macs)
  7. Hard Drive failure due to power surges or abrupt system termination
  8. macOS upgrade without taking data backup

Note: The reason for data loss on your Mac machine can be different from those aforementioned.

Can Data Recovery on Mac can be Costly?

Before investing in a data recovery software Mac, evaluating all worthy applications available in the market is a good idea. Any data recovery tool that promises to restore deleted files and data would cost users anywhere up to $100 and at times even more. However, this cost may weigh heavily on the pockets of individual users. Specialized data recovery services by professionals are even more expensive, running in the range of thousands of dollars. Further, to make it worse, even after investing a huge amount, the data recovery results may not be satisfactory. Therefore, even if users wish to send their damaged Macs to Apple service centers, they need to pay an exorbitant amount for data recovery.

So then, what is the solution?

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac makes it possible for users to regain access to lost or deleted Mac data at a nominal price of $79.99 for a single user. An advanced edition of Stellar Data Recovery suffixed by Premium is available at $99.99. This pocket-friendly product ensures that users achieve up to 100% data recovery within a minimum amount of time and with no hassle or risk. The precise information about the various editions of the software is as follows:

An advanced software, Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac recovers lost documents, photos, music files, or videos from APFS, HFS+, HFS, FAT, exFAT, and NTFS format based file systems safely and accurately. The tool supports RAW recovery on lost volumes, encrypted file system recovery, Time Machine backup drive recovery, un-mounted macOS volume recovery, and optical media recovery. Its additional features include:

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac

  1. Recovery of permanently deleted data
  2. Smooth external storage drive recovery (even SSD)
  3. Hassle-free BootCamp Partition recovery on Mac
  4. Create an image or a clone of the entire Mac storage drive
  5. File Preview before recovery
  6. Enhanced GUI and customizable options
  7. Monitor health of storage drive

You can Free Download the software DMG file and scan for recoverable items and preview them.

Free Download

For saving the recoverable data, you need to register the software; this Mac data recovery software costs you $79.99.

Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac

A flagship multipurpose data recovery software with all the features of Stellar Data Recovery Professional together with out-of-the-box functionality to repair videos and photos on Mac partition; this product sets a high benchmark for all Mac data recovery products. In addition to the capabilities listed above, here are the benefits this utility offers:

  1. Repairs multiple corrupt videos simultaneously
  2. Repairs and extracts Thumbnails of corrupt photos
  3. Repairs and verifies corrupt permissions on macOS disk
  4. Builds-up new disk drive directory structure
  5. Repairs and fixes external storage drives
  6. Verifies and repairs cryptic errors on Mac storage drives

The Free Download option of the software scans your storage drive for recoverable data and renders their preview. To save the recoverable files, register the software; this Mac data recovery premium costs you $99.99. Try Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac


Forget Data Recovery products that are heavy on your wallet and give no assurance of good results. Trust Stellar Data Recovery whose editions come at reasonable rates. Recover all your desired data quickly, accurately, in a risk-free manner, and at a budget price! Free download the affordable Mac data recovery utility to evaluate its interface, features, and benefits. When contented, register to unleash its complete functionality.

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