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    Make Your iPhone Shoot JPEGs Again After iOS upgrade

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      Summary: In its last iOS update, Apple switched from JPEG file format to new HEIC (High-Efficiency Image File Format) for capturing iPhone photos. This format can maintain image quality while occupying less space in your phone, but these pictures only open in iOS. In this post, we will tell you ways to convert HEIC to JPEG.

      After the new iOS upgrade, which supports HEIC image format, I am unable to view my iPhone photos in Lightroom. Now I want to switch back to .JPEG as the photo editing app on my Windows PC does not support the new HEIF format. Is there any way to shoot iPhone photos in JPEG again? Or, if I can convert heic to jpg?

      The change is welcome as the HEIC file format greatly reduces the photo’s file size while maintaining its quality. Thus, giving you the freedom to save even more photos on your iPhone after upgrading to iOS 11.

      However, there are many iPhone users who want to shoot in JPEG as the HEIC format is not supported by many software, including Windows OS and several photo editing tools. Read on to know how you can make your iPhone shoot in JPEG again after iOS 11 upgrade and what are the other methods to access your HEIC in JPEG format.

      How to switch from HEIC to JPEG format after the iOS upgrade in iPhone?

      After iOS 11 upgrade too, it is possible to make your iPhone capture photos in JPEG format. To do so, change your iPhone settings to ‘Most Compatible.’ This will allow you to capture photos in JPEG or H.264 format by default.

      Under Settings>Camera >Formats, click on Most Compatible.

      convert HEIC to JPEG

      You can always return back to using HEIF/HEVC format by choosing High Efficiency under camera settings.

      Convert iPhone HEIC Photos to JPEG Using Various Methods

      HEIC images are real space savers on your device as they allow you to save several high-quality pictures without crippling the iPhone’s storage.

      So, you can continue taking pictures in HEIC format after iOS 11 update and later convert them to JPEG, if required.

      To convert heic to jpg, use any of the below methods at your convenience:

      1. Use the Apple Automatic Transfer feature after the iOS upgrade.

      Apple iOS 11 has a feature that converts HEIC images to a format that is compatible with the device to which you are transferring files. For example, if you move HEIC images to Windows PC, they will automatically be converted into JPEG on transfer. This is because Windows does not identify the HEIC format. Thus, iOS converts the HEIC images to compatible JPEG.

      To convert heic to jpg on iPhone, go to

      Settings >Photos> Transfer to Mac or PC, and choose Automatic.

      Remember, it will not work for the existing HEIC format pictures. Only those shot after the change in settings will be converted.

      Also, after the transfer, it might be possible your photos do not open appropriately due to header corruption, JPEG file data error, or invalid JPEG file structure. It is advisable to use JPEG Repair Software to fix any kind of corruption that occurs in the JPEG files. The software is safe and capable of fixing any sort of damage or distortions in the JPEG/JPG images.

      Watch the video here to see how the software functions.

      2. Use OneDrive to access JPEG

      Cloud services like OneDrive automatically convert HEIC format photos into JPEG. Download OneDrive for iOS on your iPhone. Upload your pictures to OneDrive. You can view them on on Windows PC or on OneDrive mobile apps.

      But remember, if you download iPhone photos from OneDrive to your computer, they will be saved as HEIC. Use a converter tool to change to JPEG.

      3. Email HEIC format photos

      Another simpler way to convert images to JPEG is to email HEIC format photos to yourself from your iPhone. When you do so, they are automatically converted to JPEG.

      4. Use a free online HEIC converter

      Free tools to convert HEIC file formats into JPEG are available online. Transfer HEIC files to your PC or Mac and convert them to accessible JPEG format or change heic to jpg using online converter tools.

      See all other methods of Converting HEIC to JPG in this Infographic:

      Converting HEIC to JPG


      You can make your iPhone shoot in JPEG after upgrading the iOS by changing the iPhone settings. However, you can also continue to capture photos in HEIC format after the iOS upgrade and later convert them to JPEG file format through various methods.

      In the process of converting HEIC to JPEG format, your JPEG images might get corrupted. In such a situation, use Stellar Repair for Photo. Used by millions of users around the world, it is trusted by both home users and professionals to repair damage or distortion in JPEG/JPG.

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      1. It would be helpful for me to fix couple of photos on my iPhone 6 after upgrade iOS 11. This issue comes up when I transferred photos iPhone to Mac. I resolve my problem with the help of you software. It works great!

      2. Interesting article, I believe Jpeg/HEIF both are lossy compression. The new HEIF format loses some image quality. Thanks for describe the way to converts the HEIF images to compatible jpeg. Thanks a ton!

        1. Hi Lesley, You can check your apps are 32 bit by going on setting > about > applications. If you installed 32 bit apps you will see an arrow next to those application. You can tap on the section to see a list of which apps don’t have updates available. Please updates all apps.

      3. I don’t recommend any of the free tools to convert HEIC file formats into JPEG. Transfer HEIC files to your PC or Mac and converts them to accessible JPEG format using these converter tools. That’s the best solution. Thanks for the blog!

      4. Thanks for the Information! I had this problem 1 month max. So, iPhone users don’t have phones that support HEIF format but the way us windows updates the Photo app to support this. I fully expect the support to be there by the time fall creators launches!

      5. I had a problem with after iOS 11 upgrade, I have saved pictures and videos in jpeg and h.264 formats. But now switched heif and hevc. These new formats that offer better quality when compressed, but there likely be some compatibility issues. What should I do? Any help would be appreciated.

        1. Hi Danny, the early iOS 11 beta process wasn’t supported by Google Photos. If you’d not deal with these issues. Just go into setting>camera>formats and click more compatible.

      6. Thanks for providing the methods to convert .heic files to .jpg files. It is nice that someone is trying to look out for us. There is just so much bad stuff going around these days.

      7. I had the same issue after updated to iOS 11, photos disappeared when I turned my photos on low resolution. Any chance to get back?

        1. Dear Cliff, Yes, you can sync picture with your computer. I recommend, visit on to take backup your photos from iCloud library. I hope this will work for you!

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