How to Erase All History with Single Click File Eraser Tool

Summary: In this blog, we will discuss how important it is to erase your browsing history properly from the computer. We’ll also explore BitRaser File Eraser, an efficient DIY software that could permanently erase your browsing history.

Securely wiping your Internet history is a crucial aspect of safeguarding your data privacy. Your Internet browser saves your online activities, such as the websites you’ve visited, your banking and social media credentials, ad preferences, etc. Keeping these browsing details on your computer for a long time can expose you to identity theft and possible fraud.

There are many scenarios where your data can be leaked from your Internet history and can result in a lot of emotional and financial harm. To prevent such mishaps, you should securely and permanently erase all history of your online activities.  

Reasons for wiping out your Internet history

1) Discarding your old PC or Mac: We often exchange, replace, sell, donate, or dump our old computers without securely erasing the stored information (including internet histories). Anybody who gains access to your browser history in the old computer can misuse it.

2) Data privacy concerns: We are living in an age of cyber-crimes. Leaving our Internet histories on the system for a long duration can be risky. This is the reason; you need to delete your browsing histories from your computer regularly. It can prevent you from any data breach or online fraud.  

Why clearing your Browser History isn’t an effective Method?

You might already know about the “Clear History” functionality in your browser. You can choose this functionality to either delete selected histories or delete your entire browsing histories. However, deleting or formatting doesn’t lead to permanent erasure. Your browser data remains in your computer hard drive as Internet cookies (a small piece of data that collects your browsing activities). As the next course of action, you might delete or format your hard drive, thinking that the stored cookies will be deleted along. The answer is No. These cookies (in fact, data in general) are not permanently erased due to deletion/formatting.

The next question is, Why?

Formatting or deleting data doesn’t erase the data permanently. Your computer hides those files from your view and allows the space where the deletion occurred to house new data. A data recovery software can easily recover this data. The risks associated with exposing this data to unauthorized use are huge, and you should only opt for permanent erasure while wiping your hard drive.

How to permanently Erase your Internet History?

A file erasure software is the most secure and efficient way to erase all history of your online activities permanently. A file erasure works by overwriting on top of the data. This overwriting (done once or multiple times) ensures that the original data cannot be recovered.

An efficient and trusted file erasure software is BitRaser File Eraser, which can securely erase all history of your online activities and ensure that they can never be recovered. BitRaser File Eraser is a DIY tool from Stellar, designed to securely erase all files, folders, Internet histories, application and system traces from your hard drive. The tool uses advanced erasing techniques to render your data irrecoverable. The software safeguards your privacy against unauthorized use and assures permanent wiping of your browsing history.  

How to permanently wipe your Internet History with BitRaser File Eraser?

In the section below, you will read the step-by-step process to erase all history of your online activities on your PC using BitRaser File Eraser software.

1) Install BitRaser File Eraser.

2) Click on the Erase Traces option from the left-hand side menu

Erase Traces screen
Image 1: Erase Traces screen

3) Click on Scan. The software will scan the system to look for Software traces

4) Once the scan is completed, a dialog box will appear, confirming the successful scan. Click Ok button

5) In the next window, click Internet Activity and expand the selection to select browser(s)

Selecting browser data for Erasure
Image 2: Selecting browser data for Erasure

6) Click on Erase Now button to start the Erasure


You should erase all history of your online activities only with a file eraser software like BitRaser File Eraser. The tool protects you against any unauthorized use of your data and gives you complete assurance that your browsing data has been permanently erased. This blog explored the subject of permanent Internet data erasure in detail and introduced you to BitRaser File Eraser, a recommended software to erase all history of your browsing activities.

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