How to Erase Files on Mac without using Disk Utility

Summary: In this blog post, you will look at the benefits of permanent file erasure with a file erasure tool and understand why erasure using disk utility software isn’t the most effective method. You will also be introduced to BitRaser File Eraser, a professional file erasure tool that permanently erases all unwanted files on your Mac.

Disk utility has been used in Mac systems to erase different types of storage devices such as SSD, Hard disk, flash drive, etc. Data utility is a built-in function in Mac systems, which is used to manage internal disks and external storage devices. Disk utility is also used to erase a partition/volume on your disk. Nevertheless, the erasure done by the disk utility function doesn’t permanently erase the data. In order to wipe the files completely, you must use a dedicated file eraser software. In this blog, we will look at the concept of permanent erasure in detail and introduce you to the most efficient way to erase files on your Mac.

Reasons to Erase Files on your Mac

There are many reasons to delete the files. Some of them are listed below:

a. Discarding/Selling your Mac: You need to erase the contents of your Mac before you discard or resell them. This way you will be protected against unwanted use of your personal data.

b. Clearing unnecessary files: Deleting unnecessary files is important to better utilize the disk space on your Mac.

c. Infected partition/disk: If your disk is infected (with malware/virus), then you need to permanently erase the contents of the disk.

What is permanent erasure?

A permanent erasure operation erases the data beyond the scope of recovery. When you delete files in your Mac, the data is not actually erased. It just vanishes from your immediate view allowing you to store new files in their place. The deleted files are still there and any data recovery software can recover these files and render your deletion effort worthless. Let us take one scenario for instance. Suppose you are exchanging your Mac with a new system and you have formatted the device before the exchange. The new user can anytime use a data recovery software to retrieve all the data which you thought you had erased.

Why it is important to permanently erase your files?

Data privacy is a crucial aspect nowadays and permanently erasing your sensitive data safeguards you against different types of data breaches. We store personal and sensitive data such as photos, confidential documents, banking credentials, social media details, etc. in our drives. Losing such data can cause you major emotional and financial distress. This is the reason why a permanent erasure is the best shield to protect you against such mishaps.

Why erasure by using Disk Utility isn’t enough?

When you erase a disk using the disk utility function, the data seems to vanish and you assume that the disk erasure is successful. However, the data is not permanently deleted. Only a file erasure software can erase the data by overwriting on top of them and this process makes the data irrecoverable. One of the most reliable and efficient file erasure software is BitRaser File Eraser. It is a professional erasure tool from Stellar which uses cutting-edge techniques to comprehensively erase files, folders, application and system traces permanently from your Mac. BitRaser file, unlike disk utility, permanently erases the file in a more reliable manner.

How to erase files using BitRaser File Eraser?

BitRaser File Eraser can erase files/folders from your Mac hard drive. The erasure will delete all the files in the selected files/folder. You also get the option to select multiple files/folders at the time of erasure. Please follow the below steps to erase files in your Mac using BitRaser File Eraser.

1. Install BitRaser File Eraser and run the software.

2. On the software interface window, select the Files & Folders option. Then click Next.

3. On the left pane of the window, you will see all the volumes on the computer and on the right pane, the files/folders of the selected volume are listed.

4. Please select the files you wish to delete.

Selecting Files and Folders for Erasure in Mac
Image 1: Selecting Files and Folders for Erasure in Mac

5. Then you will get the option to select the Erasing algorithm for secure deletion. The erasure algorithm is just the method of overwriting the files. If you are unsure about the erasure algorithm, then you need not worry. The tool will choose the default algorithm and erase your files. Then click Erase button.

6. A Confirm Erasure dialog box will then appear. You can then click ‘Confirm Erasure’ to erase files/folders permanently from your system.

Confirm Erasure dialog box
Image 2: Confirm Erasure dialog box

A message will then appear after the successful completion of erasure process.

Note: After the successful erasure, it is mandatory to restart the system.


Erasure via disk utility cannot permanently erase the files on your Mac and protect you against data threats and breaches. The only failsafe way to permanently erase your data is by using a file erasure software. One of the best file erasure software is BitRaser file erasure, a DIY tool from Stellar which is designed to permanently wipe files from your Mac.

BitRaser File Eraser for Mac