How to Jailbreak iPhone without Data Loss

Summary: You may want to jailbreak your iPhone and bypass restrictions by Apple on your device. But afraid to lose your existing iPhone data. This post shares the best tips to avoid data loss due to iPhone jailbreak. Also learn how to get back the data lost due to jailbreak using the best iPhone recovery tool – Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone.

Do you want to jailbreak iPhone to use third-party applications on your device but afraid of losing your iPhone data? Here are some quick tips for you to jailbreak iPhone without data loss.

Ways to prevent data loss due to jailbreak?

To avoid data loss, before performing jailbreak, do the following:

  1. Take backup of your iPhone data in iTunes, iCloud or in computer drive.
  2. Connect your iPhone with continuous Wi-Fi network with good phone.
  3. Ensure your iPhone is fully charged before jailbreak as it should not shut down during jailbreak process, which may lead to data loss.
  4. Upgrade to latest iOS version.
  5. Update to latest version of iTunes.
  6. Ensure there is enough free space of about 2GB on your iPhone before performing jailbreak.

Once you have taken all the above measures, perform the below steps to jailbreak iPhone without data loss:

Steps to Jailbreak iPhone without Data Loss

Many Jailbreak tools such as Pangu, Cydia, or TaiG etc., are available online. Choose the one that supports your iPhone version and follow the below steps:

  1. Open Safari browser on iPhone and search for your iOS version jailbreak.
  2. Find the jailbreak tool website and download it. For instance, search for and download the Pangu app for your iOS version.
  3. Go to the bottom of your iPhone screen, tap on ‘Up’ arrow after the page loads.
  4. Select Add to Home Screen.
  5. Rename the app as Pangu or whichever tool you have downloaded.
  6. Tap on
  7. Now you can jailbreak iPhone using the app.

After jailbreak, you are now free to install applications, themes or utilities etc., outside of Apple Store.

Lost data after jailbreak? Do not worry as you can still recover it!

Methods to recover iPhone data after jailbreak:

  1. Restore via Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone
  2. Recover from iCloud Backup
  3. Recover from iTunes Backup

Method 1: Restore via Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone

Unfortunately, after jailbreak if somehow you fail to restore iPhone data from iTunes and iCloud backup or just in case you forgot to take backup, seek help of iPhone Data Recovery Software by Stellar.

  • Simply launch the software on your computer (Mac/PC)
  • Connect your iPhone via USB cable
  • Follow the easy on-screen instructions

The do-it-yourself software gives three options to recover lost iPhone data on its home screen:

  1. Recovery from iPhone (select this option, if you have not taken backup)
  2. Recover from iCloud Backup (select, if you are unable to restore data from iCloud backup)
  3. Recovery from iTunes Backup (select, when you cannot recover data from iTunes backup)

iPhone Data Recovery iPhone Data Recovery Mac

The iPhone data recovery software has scanning and recovery capabilities that can easily recover your lost photos, videos, contacts, call history, messages, music, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, and Tango etc. It can also restore data from encrypted iTunes backup files. The software is completely safe to download and has been successfully used by millions of iPhone users around the world.

Method 2: Recover from iCloud Backup

  1. Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network
  2. Go to App & Data screen, tap Restore from iCloud Backup
  3. Sign in to your iCloud account
  4. Choose backup from the list of available backups
  5. Let the restore process finish

Method 3: Recover from iTunes Backup

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes
  2. Select your iPhone from the device list
  3. In Summary window choose the backup of your iPhone, which you want to restore
  4. Click Restore Backup

 To Sum Up

Always prepare your device before performing jailbreak to avoid loss of iPhone data. In event of data loss, you can rely on either backup or Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone for reclaiming your lost data. The software is completely safe to download and is free from any malware. The other advantage of using Stellar recovery tool is that it allows you to select and recover only the desired data rather than restoring everything, unlike iTunes or iCloud backup.

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