How to Keep Data on Your Laptop Secure While Traveling

As the FIFA World Cup is going on, millions of tourists have headed towards Russia. But, there is a widespread concern that hackers might exploit the occasion. The UK’s National Cyber Security Center has issued guidelines for tourists in Russia to protect their sensitive data from cyber-criminals. The guidelines include avoiding public Wi-Fi, not using one password for multiple devices or accounts, amongst other things.

Further, data loss is not limited to sporting events only. As reported by WMBF NEWS, every week travellers lose 12,000 laptops and their precious data with it. So, you must also protect your laptop from being stolen or misplaced. A laptop can be bought again, but the pictures and videos of your treasured moments, your critical business data, cannot be recovered. While traveling, a laptop can also be damaged that can result in data loss.

Read on to know how to secure your data effectively while traveling.

1. Keep a Local and a Cloud Backup

Prior to traveling, you must create a local and a cloud backup of all your data. While a cloud backup will effectively protect your data 99 percent of the time, looking back at history we know cloud backups are also susceptible to breaches. Hence, you must also maintain a local backup for your data security while traveling.

2. Use a Data Recovery Software

A data recovery software is a handy tool to safeguard and recover your data in case of a logical damage or any minor mechanical failure issue such as grinding or screeching sound caused to your laptop’s storage drive while travelling.

It will also be highly effective in scenarios where your local backup is corrupt or has logically failed to access data due to formatting, accidental deletion of files & folders, encryption, etc. You need to create a disk image in such situations via the recovery software to recover your inaccessible data.

One such professional data recovery tool is Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows, which can recover your photos of treasured events, videos, and official documents with ease from any data loss situation.

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3. Use a Reliable VPN

You must have heard of a recent news where a malware known as VPN Filter infected over 500,000 devices worldwide. The malware is closely tied to Russia and can wreak havoc downgrading HTTPS and in some cases causing data loss. While traveling, you will be tempted to connect with various public Wi-Fi networks for needing a free access to the internet; you need to secure such connection via a reliable VPN service provider.

4. Keep Your Location Private

There are applications that utilize the Google location service on your phone to track your location and tag you to a certain spot. Unless you absolutely need to use the location service it must be turned off. You must also abstain from broadcasting your travel plans on social networks; information communicated on social media is open for anyone to access and misuse.

5. Don’t Leave the Laptop Unattended at Public Places

Nowadays, we carry our entire lives in our laptop considering the identity information, bank logins, contacts, media, and much more we store on this device. Leaving it unattended while charging or using while traveling may provide an opportunity for unauthorized or unwanted individuals to steal your data or the laptop itself. As an additional precaution, you must also protect your data by encrypting the hard drive or password protecting the BIOS. This will restrict anyone from accessing your firmware.


This blog guides you through measures you can take for the security of data stored in your laptop while traveling. Hackers come up with ingenious ways to infiltrate your data. After reading this blog, you will become adept at protecting your personal data on your laptop while traveling.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows is a highly intuitive software with user-friendly GUI that can serve as an useful aid in recovering your lost data. This software is a perfect companion to possess in order to tackle data loss disaster proactively.

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