How to Permanently Delete Videos from Storage Media

To delete videos from a storage media permanently, you need a data erasure software since normally deleted video files using the delete button on the keyboard or with Shift+Delete key combination does not permanently remove them from the storage media. It only eliminates the address (pointer) to access the video file, not the actual video. Hence, such deleted videos can be recovered with any data recovery software and thus, it is a serious threat to your privacy.

To destroy video files from any storage media beyond the scope of recovery, you need to erase it with a data erasure algorithm such as DOD 5220.22-M, NATO, Gutmann, and so forth. These internationally renowned data erasure standards ensure complete sanitization (secure erasure) of your private and sensitive video files. A tool such as BitRaser for File, developed by Stellar Data Recovery, can help you destroy your videos permanently, with the help of multiple types of data erasure algorithms, from all kinds of storage media such as SD cards, hard drive, SSDs, USB flash drives, & so forth.

Permanently Destroying Videos from Storage Media

The BitRaser for File software supports 17 international data erasure standards including the ones that we mentioned earlier. The software lets you choose one of the 17 listed data erasure algorithms alongwith either random or total verification method that confirms data is sanitized, simultaneously.

Additionally, the BitRaser for File generates a certificate of erasure that helps businesses to comply with data protection laws, regulatory compliances, and audits. For individuals, the certificate works as an assurance and provides a sense of certainty about their data being completely sanitized. The certificate guarantees that data destroyed with BitRaser for File cannot be recovered through any data recovery software or services including the forensics.

Here are the steps you can follow to destroy your private and confidential video files from a storage media beyond the scope of recovery:

    1. Connect the storage media that contains video files that you want to delete permanently
    2. Download, install and launch the BitRaser for File software

    1. Go to the ‘Tools’ tab and then choose the erasure algorithm and verification method from the respective drop-downs
    2. Now click ‘Home’ and then click ‘Erase Now.’
    3. In the right panel, the connected drives and volumes appear. Expand the one that contains video files that you want to destroy permanently
    4. Select the video files and then click ‘Erase Now. ’In case the drive or volume contains video files only, and you want to permanently remove them, select the entire volume or drive followed by the ‘Erase Now’ button
    5. Wait until erasure is finished. After erasure, the software prompts you to reboot the system, click No

In case you are not able to locate the video files in the volume or drive, you can use the ‘Search File’ option. There you can search files and folders based on the extension, name, and then add them to the list followed by the Erase Now button.

Besides data erasure, the BitRaser for File software also works as a privacy safeguarding tool. It facilitates features that helps you sanitize (Securely erase) your internet activities such as browsing data, autofill forms, passwords, transaction details, & so forth; system traces, and application traces (such as Skype, yahoo messenger, Email app traces that may contain sensitive info) with the help of the selected data erasure algorithm.


Deleting sensitive & confidential data such as videos puts you at the risk of data leakage and is a threat to your privacy. Therefore, always securely erase—not just delete— your sensitive files such as videos, photos, confidential documents, & so on. Make use of a reliable data erasure software such as BitRaser for File that provides you with 17 international data erasure standards. You can use any data erasure standard such as DOD 5220.22-M or NATO from the list to destroy your confidential data. The software simultaneously checks for erasure and ensures the data is wholly sanitized (securely erased) beyond the scope of recovery.

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