How to Recover Data after Hard Disk Repartitioning

Summary: The requirement for hard drive repartitioning can come up anytime but partitioning hard drive with lack of technical expertise may lead to data loss. This blog guides you on what you should do when data is lost due to drive partitioning and how you can recover the lost data for free. Download the free trial version of Stellar Data Recovery software before you start.

How to Recover Data after Hard Disk Repartitioning

Slicing a hard drive storage into separate regions is called Disk Partitioning. It’s essentially a logical division of physical hard disk into sections called partitions, which allows better file management and installation of multiple operating system on a single hard drive, etc.

Disk Repartitioning refers to partitioning a hard disk partition again. A user may repartition a hard disk partition or volume to create a new partition and extend or shrink an existing drive volume for reasons such as low space.

While the process is generally safe, if carried out correctly, there are significant chances of error, which can lead to accidental formatting, and permanent data loss.

So if you happen to lose data from an internal or external hard disk while repartitioning, follow this guide to safely recover your files from a formatted or corrupt partition.

Steps to Recover Data Lost After Hard Disk Repartitioning

  1. Download, install and run Stellar Windows Data Recovery software
  1. Choose ‘All Data’ or select specific file types and click ‘Next
  1. Select the partition listed under ‘Connected Drives’ and click ‘Scan’.
  1. After the scan, the files are listed in the left ‘Tree view’ pane. Click the ‘File Type’ tab to sort the results according to file types in respective folders
  1. Use the search option to locate desired files and click on them to see their preview before saving
  2. If desired files are not found, click the ‘Deep Scan’ link at bottom
  3. Select the files from scan results and click ‘Recover.’

Click ‘Browse’ to choose a save location on a different drive volume and click ‘Start Saving.

After a while, your selected files will be saved at your desired location. You can then transfer those recovered files to their original location and carefully repartition or format a new or empty partition to use it for file storage.

Important Tips While Disk management

  • If you don’t know what you are doing, stop right there and ask someone experienced to help you with disk partitioning
  • Always back up the data stored on the hard drive before partitioning or repartitioning it
  • Always read the warnings and message prompts while performing such critical tasks


Disk Management is a powerful tool provided by Windows OS. It can be used to create, format, or delete new partitions and repartition volumes on a physical hard drive, besides performing some high-level tasks such as configuring software-based RAID array.

While it’s not difficult to create and manage partitions with Disk Management tool, there’s always a scope for error—human error—which can cause partition loss, accidental formatting, etc.

Apparently, human errors are the second most common reason for data loss across the globe.

In such cases, use Stellar Data Recovery software to restore your data lost from a lost, deleted, formatted, or corrupt hard disk partition.

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