How to Recover Data from a MacBook Pro 2013?


Did you formatted your MacBook Pro and lost every bit of data that was saved to its storage drive? Did a pressing condition make you format the machine without prior backup? Don’t worry! You can easily recover data from a MacBook Pro hard drive, read the full article to know how:

Ease your Distress

You can save your data from being lost forever. The blog presents a concise guide to the basics of MacBook Pro and its uses, the nuances of deleting and emptying trash, the case of internal solid state drive data loss, and finally the basic steps to recover data from MacBook Pro. Once you are aware of the data storage concepts, then recovering MacBook Pro storage data is just a matter of clicking few buttons.

About MacBook Pro and Its Uses

MacBook Pro is a monster in terms of computing power, graphics, storage capacity, memory, and functionality. The device can be used as heavy duty professional desktop computer with wireless keyboard and mouse.

MacBook Pro Empty Trash Case

You, as a user of MacBook Pro, must know what happens when you empty your trash. Generally, you delete files or folders by moving it to the trash and if in need the same is restored from the trash back to its original location. But, at times you empty your trash without seeing its content. If the data present in the trash was useful and the backup of the same was not taken, then you are in trouble. Do not worry, the case of empty trash or formatting storage drive can be easily tackled and you can recover your lost data.

MacBook Pro Internal Storage Drive Data Loss

Aware yourself that logical failure to access data such as the formatting or emptying of trash case is a non-permanent data loss and can be undone.  Actually, data is present in the storage drive, but when you empty the trash or format your MacBook Pro storage drive the files system containing the metadata about the file is modified, thereby making it inaccessible to Mac OS. Data recovery software can undelete and recover data in all cases of logical data loss situation.

Steps for MacBook Pro Data Recovery

To recover data from the formatted storage drive of MacBook Pro, you need to use Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac – a truly powerful data recovery tool apt for Mac Pro environment. Just follow the steps to implement the software as depicted in the succeeding section and recover your formatted storage drive data:

Step 1: Download, install and register the data recovery software in your MacBook Pro

Step 2: Connect an empty external storage drive as destination to recover your data from MacBook Pro

Step 3: Launch the recovery software to open its self-instructed graphical interface

Step 4: On the ‘Select What to Recover’ screen, opt for Recover Everything and click Next

Step 5: On the ‘Select Location’ screen, opt for the MacBook Pro’s storage drive. Toggle on ‘Deep Scan’ from the bottom of the screen and click Scan

Step 6: Wait till the software scans the storage by generating a dynamic scan-time preview

Step 7: On the ‘Scanning Completed Successfully!’ message box, click OK

Step 8: Preview the scanned items if you want to be doubly sure what is going to be recovered

Step 9: Click the Recover button after ensuring all the files present in the storage is selected

Step 10: On the Recover dialog box, click Browse to choose the external storage drive

Step 11: Allow the software to save all the recovered data to the provided destination

Step 12: Open the external hard drive to verify and copy-paste the data to MacBook Pro

Felicitation, you have recovered your data. The really helpful software has removed your distress and made you smile. From this time onward, make it a habit of taking regular backup to an external hard disk drive. No one knows, even your robust MacBook Pro’s internal storage drive can stop functioning. Only your backup can save you in the worst situation. The software is helpful if data is not overwritten; therefore, whenever data loss situation occurs immediately stop using the machine until you recover your data.


The blog presents the well-grounded method to recover deleted or formatted data from a MacBook Pro. Use Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac to handle all kind of data loss cases including data deletion or formatting.

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