How to Recover Data Lost After Restarting Windows 10

Updated on May 27th, 2021

Rohit Arora

Summary: Restarting the computer system fixes many issues and enhances the computer's performance but sometimes normal system restart leads to severe data loss followed by an unexpected system crash. Here, learn the solution to fix the issue and how to recover data lost due to the issue with the help of Stellar Data Recovery software.

How to Recover Data Lost After Restarting Windows 10

Restarting computer usually fixes many temporary issues by clearing off the current state of your operating system where the problem occurred and by starting all services from scratch. System restart also helps you protect the system from severe damage when computer overheats, RAM leaks, incomplete update installations, etc.

However, many users complain that they lost data after a normal system restart followed mostly by an unexpected system crash resulting in BSOD. BSOD is related to hardware and driver issues that can be fixed by either by replacing the faulty hardware or by updating device driver or firmware.

You can follow the below mentioned solutions to fix your system and access your lost data that was deleted after the system restart.

1.  Switch User Profile

Sometimes, after a normal restart or sudden system crash, the system displays an error message that says, “We can’t sign in to your account.” In such a case, Windows creates a temporary profile in your system and logs you in to that temporary profile. This temporary profile is empty and so you see empty Desktop & vacant folders such as Music, Documents, etc.

This happens when the system is not able to load your profile due to some corrupt files and change in system settings. Users tend to get confused and think all their data is wiped off. However, that is not the case here. You can switch your account or simply sign out from the temporary profile and log in to your user account. Once successfully logged in, you will be able to access your lost files and folders.

2. Check/Replace Hard Drive

If you have been facing frequent system freezes, slower performance, and programs crashing, then the problem lies with the hardware. It is most probably your hard drive that you need to replace before it gets too late. You can use SMART diagnostic and CHKDSK to diagnose the status of a drive.

If results show the drive is failing, you must urgently backup your drive or create a disc image of the drive as a precaution so that you can have access to your data even after the disk fails.

3. Use a Data Recovery Software

When nothing works, it’s time to implement a reliable and trusted data recovery software such as Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows that can help you retrieve lost data from your system with just a few clicks. The software lets you create disk clone that helps you minimize the hard drive usage. This saves the already failing drive from further damage.

With Stellar Data recovery Professional software, you can quickly recover deleted and lost data from an inaccessible, corrupt, and formatted storage drive. The preview option helps you check the files before exporting and saving them to your desired location and allows you to recover data from deleted/missing partitions and RAW volumes.

The software supports all kinds of storage media such as SSD, HDD, USB flash drives, SD cards, etc. formatted as exFAT, FAT32, and NTFS.


Today, the computers are much more advanced, regarding both hardware and software, so you can keep working on your PC for several days without restarting it. However, more prolonged usage can lead system to reach its hardware limitations; and then you start facing problems & issues such as frequent system freeze, system crash, sluggish performance, and overheating. Restarting system helps computers perform better and avoid system crash that can lead to some serious troubles such as data loss.

However, if you have restarted your computer and lost your data, you can follow this guide and take help of a reliable data recovery software such as Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows that can help you salvage data from a failing drive by using disk image (clone) feature that minimizes disk usage and improves chances of a successful data recovery.

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