How to Recover Deleted Objects in SQL Server 2012?

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Summary: The blog describes the importance of data for small and large-scale business organizations and how SQL database helps to store data in an organized format. It also summarizes the reasons that cause deletion of data from the SQL Server 2012 database along with a third-party solution to recover deleted and corrupt database objects from MS SQL.

How to Recover Deleted Objects in SQL Server 2012?

SQL programming language is among the most utilized database programming languages. It is used to communicate with the database using standard commands that include ‘Select’, ‘Update’, ‘Insert’, ‘Create’, ‘Drop’, ‘Delete’, etc. In general, the database that has been created using SQL (Structured Query Language) is known as the SQL database.

SQL Database offers an easier way to keep business or organizational data organized in the form of tables. Due to various known and unknown reasons, the database turns corrupt whereby, some of the data gets missing or deleted. Under such circumstances, it becomes really important to recover deleted SQL databases and their incorporated objects for the smooth running of business operations.

How Important Is Data For Small & Large Scale Enterprises?

For every organization, it is essential to keep track of data that describes facts and figures about various aspects of the business. For example, in retail, it is important to record each sale for the purpose of tracking profits and other related parameters.

Raw data stored in rows and columns in the database is later processed into useful information. From time to time, it is important to analyze the facts and figures so as to take appropriate actions. Thus, data is considered as the base for all big decisions and actions being taken by the management. Hence, it is important to keep track of data, analyze it as per the growing needs of the business to take prompt actions and decisions.

How SQL Databases turns Corrupt?

  • Although it is quite difficult to analyze the actual reason behind deletion or corruption of SQL database objects, it is imperative to determine it. By knowing the real cause of corruption, it becomes easier to execute recovery strategies accordingly. However, in 99.9% of cases, it is the Input/Output (I/O) subsystem level issues that cause data to delete automatically without prior notification or error message.
  • This implies that the root cause of corruption is the functional inconsistencies of drivers, drives, and controllers. It could be networking devices that are causing the unexpected loss of data. The routers and other networking devices might not be working as expected thus causing the server to work inappropriately. Apart from this, there could be an unnecessary interruption that is causing deletion of tables, rules, indexes, triggers, etc.
  • Any change or modification made to the SQL account could result in loss of access to the database. Therefore, if you have forgotten the Username or Password credentials, you will not be able to access the integrated database objects. Also, your database file might be infected with a virus or malicious program that has caused the corruption.
  • If there is page-level damage in the database that leads to checksum mismatch while page read operation is in the process, there could be some technical issues that are preventing access to the database file. However, in the majority of cases, it is the file corruption and accidental deletion that results in loss of access to a particular file.
  • If the SQL database is not closed down following appropriate procedure, it will lead to ‘Dirty Shutdown’ state. Sometimes, this happens due to an insufficient power supply or power surges. Also, hardware malfunction and software incompatibility can cause the Server to shut down abruptly. Moreover, the inconsistent functionality of the hardware components may require an upgrade and results in a system shutdown.
  • Apart from this, some reasons take place due to the mechanical failure of the Server components or devices and technical faults thus leading to improper shutdown. Whatever be the reason, the consequence is huge data loss and losing access to database objects such as tables, indexes, rules, triggers, etc.

Therefore, without further delay, let’s look at how we can repair the SQL Server 2012 database along with 2017, 2016, 2014, and lower versions.

How to Recover Deleted Objects from SQL Database?

Stellar Repair for MS SQL is a professional utility that works on SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, and all lower versions. The tool works towards repairing deleted and corrupt SQL database files. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and run Stellar SQL Database Repair tool

free download

Step 2: Upload the corrupt database file by clicking the browse button

Step 3: After selecting the corrupt database file, click on Repair to begin the process

Step 4: Preview and select the files that need to be repaired by ticking the checkboxes

Step 5: Specify the file format to which repaired data needs to be stored and click on Browse to specify the storage location for saving repaired data

Step 6: Next, under Saving Option section, select to save the repaired data to the New database or Live Database

The process is complete!

How to Avoid Data Deletion from SQL Database Files? Follow the below tips to prevent data loss or deletion of database objects:
  • Keep database access to the minimum by granting limited rights and permissions to users
  • Isolate the production database Server from additional applications, programs, and services
  • Keep the database updated and ensure that the anti-virus program is installed to prevent file corruption
  • Restrict the database processes to prevent the execution of unauthorized activities
 The Bottom Line Although, there are several built-in SQL corruption recovery techniques available to look into SQL Database issues, however, they are many scenarios when it fails to serve the purpose at times. On the contrary, third-party solutions such as Stellar Repair for MS SQL serve the purpose as they outrun the built-in tool, irrespective of the level of corruption and damage to the SQL database objects. MVP and Experts Review Further, the tool does not demand any particular knowledge or understanding of SQL recovery techniques and strategies; therefore, the recovery can be performed by users with limited technical know-how. It acts as a comprehensive solution that recovers data on all versions of the SQL Server database.

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