How to Recover Erased or Lost PDF Files On Mac

Summary: Recover lost or deleted PDF files from Mac start-up disk, external hard drive, and Time Machine backup. Leverage the Mac data recovery free edition software from Stellar and retrieve 1 GB of accidentally lost PDF files without any charge.

How to Recover Erased or Lost PDF Files On Mac

PDF is one of the most popular Document Exchanging Format used by all of us to state our data with multimedia content. Whether we are in the corporate sector, Education field, Business Professional, or Home user, we all use this standard exchanging information format on a large scale. Despite being so familiar, it is not prone to errors. When any user, be it Windows or Mac, encounters such a situation, it results in Data Loss. To combat this problem, data recovery is all that saves the day for you.

Consider a situation where you end up losing your PDF Files from Mac Pro. Suppose you are classifying your data on your Mac. During the classification process, you erased some useless data as well as files. Further, you also emptied your Trash. The next day at work, when you attempted to search for a particular PDF file to share with your Manager, you could not find it. You searched the Trash Bin, but unfortunately, you have emptied it too.

PDF File Recovery: What do you do next?

If you, your friend, or anyone else, are also facing similar issues and looking forward to Mac Data Recovery, then your search ends here.

Before digging deep into how to recover erased or lost PDF Files on Mac, let us have a quick overview of the reasons for lost PDF files on Mac and why it is possible to recover permanently deleted PDF files.

Reasons for Erased PDF Files on Mac

  • macOS Corruption
  • Partition Loss
  • Virus attack/Malware
  • Emptying Trash
  • Carelessly formatting or re-formatting
  • Why Is It Possible to Recover Erased or Lost PDF File?

How to Recover PDF Files On Mac?

Various solutions are available to regain the lost PDF files on Mac. Few courses of actions are as follows:

First Action: Backup

Backup is one of the most basic and most straightforward approaches. For this, you need to make sure that you have enabled the Backup (Time Machine) on Mac. This built-in Mac utility allows you to set the backup duration, and based on that; it keeps backing up the files daily, weekly, or monthly as defined.

Second Action: Data Recovery Service 

Another approach that allows you to recover erased or lost PDF files on Mac. It is help from knowledge-driven professionals. You can use it both logical and physical failure scenario. However, it is less recommended, the reason being, it is a bit expensive in comparison to other methods.

Third Action: Free Mac File Recovery Software

Last but not least is the free Mac file recovery option. You can also define it as the sure-shot solution to recover lost PDF files.

Which is the Best Solution and Why?

If we consider all three, the first [backup] is the best fit option, but it is beneficial in scenarios if you keep backing up your files regularly. The second [data recovery services] one is also an excellent choice; however, it is a bit high priced, hence is less recommended. Finally, if we talk about the third [free file recovery tool] option, it is highly recommended to be complete, robust, reliable, easy, and direct. In short, Mac file recovery software would be an ideal approach.

Recommendation for PDF File Recovery Tool

The online market has a multitude of options to choose from. But, evaluating each option and finding the best fit is a bit tedious. Thus, competent professionals should recommend a recommendation based on their analysis—Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac.

Recover Anything Deleted with Stellar Mac Data Recovery Tool

An intelligent recovery software embraced by powerful algorithms. It extensively searches for the corrupt to accidentally deleted files, be it Spreadsheet, Audio, Videos, Photos, or PDF, and finally restores them. This software boasts a powerful scan engine that allows you to scan your storage device and efficiently deliver the best recovery result. You can use it on all format-based file systems ranging from APFS, HFS, HFS+, FAT, and NTFS to exFAT.

How Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac Tool Works? 

Follow the steps below —

Step 1: Download, install, register, and run the software.


Step 2: Toggle on the desired data type to recover the lost or erased PDF (Recover Everything in your case)

Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac

Step 3: Now, from listed volumes on Mac in the Select Location interface, choose the desired volume and click Scan.

Select Location

Step 4: Now, Stellar Mac Data Recovery software scans the selected hard disk for the deleted or erased files.

Step 5: From the list of all the found files and folders in a tree-view, select the desired files and folders and launch its preview.


Step 6: Now, checkmark the desired PDF files for recovery and click ‘Recover’ to save the Files

The PDF File Recovery process on Mac is complete!

Final Thoughts

If you have lost or deleted your PDF File on Mac and are looking for an ideal option that ensures recovery with safety, leverage Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac software. This intelligent solution is safe and reliable and provides satisfactory results!

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