How To Repair MOV File Error 2048

Summary: “Error -2048: Couldn’t open the file because it’s not a file that QuickTime understands.” If you run into this error every time you play videos on QuickTime, then this post may be helpful for you. Also, use Stellar Repair for Video to fix corruption related issues in MOV Files.

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In your quest to fix QuickTime MOV File error 2048, you join various online discussion forums or seek the assistance of professionals, but are unable to fathom and get caught up in the technicalities and when it comes to command lines, you are at sea.

How to Fix the MOV File Error 2048?

QuickTime error 2048 occurs when the MOV file you try to play is corrupt. Also, another possibility could be that when you try to open MOV files on another media player, for instance, VLC without downloading the appropriate codecs, you encounter QuickTime error 2048.

There is a myriad of reasons that can corrupt or damage your MOV files. Let’s have a look at some of the prominent ones along with their solutions with the help of this easy infographics:

How To Repair MOV File Error 2048

Reasons Behind the QuickTime Error 2048 with their solutions:

1. Virus intrusion:

The MOV file may have been affected by a virus which has made the file corrupt, or the storage media where you have stored the file has been attacked by a virus. Another probable reason could be that you transferred the files from a potentially virus-infected system.


Use genuine anti-virus and ensure that it’s not outdated and scan your system and smartphone at least twice a week. You can run check disk or MemTest86 to ensure everything is working optimally.

2. Corrupt or technical fault in firmware:

If you record a movie on your smartphone or camcorder and the output file is inaccessible, then there is a possibility that the firmware of the device is corrupt or is not an update version.


Install the latest set of drivers on your system and update the applications on your smartphone to fix QuickTime error 2048.

3. MOV header file is corrupt:

The header consists of all the essential information of a file which is used to share data among various files. It contains information like file size, creation date, last modification data, etc. and if that is corrupt, then the file cannot be accessed.


To repair the damaged or corrupt MOV file, install and run an MOV Repair tool and fix the error. 

4. Inappropriate compression technique:

Implementing inappropriate compression techniques for compressing or reducing the file size affect the file’s properties and can turn them inaccessible. Refrain from using applications which are not reliable. Also, compressing MOV files reduces video quality.


Use a professional video repair tool to repair the corrupt or damaged MOV files.

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5. Download the appropriate codec:

The Codec is a software program which is used for encoding and decoding streams of digital data and is required to play video files on your smartphones and systems. Codecs are essential for streaming media and for audio or video compression.


If you’re unable to play the MOV files after downloading it or on another media player, install the appropriate codec file. Transferring large video files over the internet is a time-consuming process, codecs help in quickly transferring the video files.

6. Convert the MOV file with VLC and then save it:

If you’re unable to play the MOV files, then you can convert it to another file format and then access it. It’s one of the easy solutions to fix QuickTime error 2048.

Follow these steps to convert the MOV files with VLC:

  1. Open VLC, select Media < Convert/Save.
  2. Under the Open Media tab, click Add button to add the MOV file and select Convert or Save option at the bottom.
  3. Under the Settings option, select convert and browse the destination file and click Start.

To Sum Up

The next time you are unable to play the MOV files, try any of the above solutions to eliminate the issue. However, in most cases, an MOV Repair software would serve the purpose given its easy-to-use and straightforward application which would make the repair process as easy as 1-2-3!

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