How to Repair RAF Files of Fuji Camera

‘My photographs of once-in-a-lifetime trip to Scandinavia are precious memories. I took along Fuji camera X-T2 with me. But after recording over 300 photos, the card reported ‘Card Read Error’ message showing corrupt files. I shot both Raw and JPEG. The JPEGs were fine though. How to fix Raw camera files now?’ – Max, New York

Situations like these can be awry when you are on a vacation.

Nevertheless, thanks to the advanced data repair technology that now fixes even the photos in Raw file formats.

Read on this blog to know how to repair corrupt, grainy, broken, damaged, pixelated, greyed-out or error giving pictures shot with Fuji cameras.

The versatile and evolving Fujifilm cameras are grabbing attention even of the Canon and Nikon camera users. Whether you shoot in Raw or JPEG, the Fuji cameras give impressive results. However, like photos clicked through any other brand of premium DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, Fuji cameras pics are also prone to corruption.

Why Fuji camera photos get corrupt?

Improper handling of camera/camera SD card, virus intrusion or interruption while transferring the files in the system can corrupt or damage Fuji Raw or JPEG pictures.

Other than these, there are complaints of error messages such as card error, card not initialized, read error and write error related to Fuji memory card. Due to these errors, users are unable to find their recordings in the camera. Even after they recover the photos, the photos appear corrupt, broken or damaged.

What are Fuji Raw files?

All Fuji cameras Raw images have .RAF file extension. They are uncompressed digital photos that save image data exactly the way it is captured by the camera’s sensor. RAF files are of higher quality and larger size than JPEG images.

How to repair corrupt RAF image files?

Third-party photo repair software such as Stellar Repair for Photo are the only solution to repair corrupt RAF files. However, you may also try Image Editors to fix minor issues in the pictures.

  • Fix with RAF photo repair software
  • Fix with Image Editor

Quick and Easy Way to Repair Raw Images

Stellar Repair for Photo is an advanced software that not just repairs JPEG files but also fixes RAW image files of Fuji and other popular digital cameras. It repairs and retains the repaired images in the JPEG format. Even if the files are severely corrupt, the software uses sample files to fix them. The software can also extract thumbnails when the files are corrupt beyond repair. Thus, you are always prepared when it comes to repairing severely damaged RAF images. The software works on RAF files generated by all Fuji cameras.

Reduce noise in Image Editors

Certain extent of blurriness, grains or pixelation etc. in photos can be fixed in Image Editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom or IrfanView. However, for corrupt, damaged or broken RAF images it is advisable to use Stellar Repair for Photo. The software is faster and repairs all kinds of corruptions and errors in the Raw images.

To Sum Up

Irrespective of the camera brand or card storage capacity, corruption in RAF files is common and often a trouble for photography enthusiasts. Stellar Repair for Photo addresses the Raw file corruption issue for all Fuji cameras and other camera brands. The advanced photo repair software also works on severely corrupt photos, and is faster and easier to use than conventional photo repair methods and free utilities.

Try the free demo version here and preview the repaired RAF photos before you save them.

JPEG REpair JPEG Repair Mac Sierra

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