How to Retrieve EDB, STM & LOG files from Damaged BKF files

Exchange backup files can be a lifesaver. The server acts as the backbone for organizational communication, Only reason to run thousands of user mailboxes. With that kind of dependability resting on its shoulders, it is only natural that administrators want to safeguard all that critical information by taking regular redundant backups. For no one can really predict when something will go wrong with Exchange. Hardware failures, software crashes, or human errors can occur without warning, threatening to put a complete halt on server activities.

It is in precisely such situations that Exchange backup (BKF) files can prove their importance. These files play the role of a restore repository from which backed up data can be extracted and the server rolled back to the exact same digital location where it was before the crash. With the relevant backups at hand, there’s no aspect of a server crash an organization really needs to worry about.

Except, of course, the safe extraction of data from BKF files.

While Exchange server can fall prey to mishaps, Exchange BKF files aren’t totally untouchable either. Like any other data file, BKF files can get corrupted due to reasons like virus infections, bad sectors on the hard drive, failed copy operation, etc. Imagine a situation where an organization faces an Exchange crash and is pushed to restore data from a previously saved backup, but on trying to access the backup it is found to be corrupted. The kind of trouble a scenario like that can cause can be imagined. Thus being able to safely and accurately retrieve data from BKF files is an equally crucial part of performing an Exchange restore.

Stellar Mailbox Extractor for Exchange Backup is an application that is designed to help users with exactly this purpose. The technically competent product extracts user mailboxes stored within Exchange backup (BKF) files and converts them to Outlook PST format. The PST files obtained as a result of this conversion can be later imported into the targeted server to regain access to all data. With the help of this extractor, you can easily pull out seemingly lost data from damaged or corrupted BKF files and use them to restore Exchange server after it has suffered a mishap. You can get this Stellar Mailbox Extractor for Exchange Backup as part of the Stellar Toolkit for Exchange which also includes four other tools for the Exchange server – Exchange Recovery, Extract Mailboxes from EDB, Convert OST to PST, Reset Windows Server Password.

How to retrieve EDB, STM, and LOG files from damaged BKF files

If you would like to use Stellar Mailbox Extractor for Exchange Backup to retrieve Exchange database and other files from damaged backup files, download the free trial of the product on a system that meets the required specifications and install it. Thereafter, follow the below mentioned steps:

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  1. Launch the software.
  2. On the home screen of Stellar Toolkit for Exchange, select Stellar Mailbox Extractor for Exchange Backup.retrieve Log files from damaged BKF files
  3. On the home screen select the radio button that says Open Exchange Backup.
  4. Or click on Find Exchange Backup button.
  5. On the next screen select the drive on which the BKF file is stored and from the File Type drop-down, select Exchange backup file (*.BKF).
  6. Select the Find in Subfolders checkbox and click on Start.
  7. A list of all BKF files in the selected drive will be displayed within the software’s bottom panel. Select the appropriate BKF file and click on OK.
  8. Once the BKF file is selected, click on Start to initiate scanning for recoverable data.
  9. You will be able to track scanning progress through the next screen. When scanning finishes, all recovered data will be organized in a tree-view list and displayed in the software’s left hand panel. You can preview any email from this list by clicking on it. The preview will be shown in the middle panel.retrieve EDB files from damaged BKF files
  10. After previewing all data, select any individual mailbox or all mailboxes which you want to recover and click on ‘Save’ from the File menu.
  11. Select an output format (most favorable format is PST but this product lets you save converted emails in MSG, EML, HTML, RTF, PDF and Office 365 formats as well).
  12. Select the destination folder where you want to save the file.
  13. Click OK.


These are the steps to extract EDB, STM, or LOG file data from damaged BKF files. For any other assistance related to Stellar Mailbox Extractor for Exchange Backup consult the product’s user guide or contact Stellar Support.

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