9 Tips to Safeguard Mac Hard Drive Data from Hackers

Sorry to offend you but your Mac hard drive can be hacked at any point of time. Believe it or not, just like PCs, Macs are vulnerable to hackers. It needs only a proper motivation and, sophisticated programming for a hacker to penetrate your system. Your Mac hard disk drive may contain huge number of important data in terms of client’s bank details, business emails, credit card details and new product launch information. Such kind of data is not to be made public at any costs. Since the hacker isn’t in your control what you could do is to take necessary steps in order to protect Mac hard drives data from such threats. Below are helpful suggestions to protect data:

  1. Set up Company Firewall: Use a good firewall service in order to block malicious websites, porn sites and other threats which can easily penetrate into your fort.
  2. Regulate any misuse of computer and other hardware: Write down strict policies to regulate any misuse of your company’s computer and hard disk drives. Disallow any personal use of these machines and forbid any employee to connect his/her devices to company’s hardware.
  3. Anti-Virus is a must: Macs usually don’t have any antivirus installed on them since they are least targeted. But your business Mac must have proper Anti-Virus program installed on it. If you have Clients CC/DC information and other details then you must go for AV software.
  4. Use Encryption of files and hard drives: Using Disk Utility, you can easily encrypt Mac hard disk drives, files and external hard drives. Encrypting the disk requires password in order to get access to the hard drive. A strong password is difficult to crack and this will give hacker it worst nightmare come true. Mac OS X allows Couple of simple methods to encrypt Mac’s data and hard drive.
  5. Avoid downloading software you don’t trust: Some software are malicious in nature or some apps uses erratic promotional behaviors. These behaviors include digging out personal information of your bank as well as system. In order to remain safe from such apps, it is recommended not to download any software or application without researching on it. Instead, ask your IT staff to look into the software, test it on an individual system and recommended further.
  6. Forbid Executable Attachments: You need to inform your staff to restrain from downloading any .exe, .xml files etc. since they can be most malicious.
  7. Backup Every day: Yes, backup your Mac hard drive data each day in order to protect your data from loss. Backing up to a server is preferable since servers are more protected. You can run clone on multiple Mac systems in order to back up all Mac drives and data.
  8. Do Update Mac system: System software updates should be checked each time because you never know when Apple rolls out a newer update which makes your Mac OS X more safer and farther from reach of a hacker.
  9. Allot security budget: No one likes to spend more money, but when you are talking of safeguarding the business data then it is necessary to have a budget. With this budget you will be able to set-up appropriate devices and software which will provide you necessary safety in long term. So do not shy away from allotting a budget for Mac hard drive security safety.

So doesn’t matter if your office has only couple of Macs for your work, the need of hour is to protect them from getting harmed. Remember the phrase: Precaution is better than Cure. You need to build a fort so strong that it couldn’t be destroyed or penetrated with any weapon.

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