How to Use File Eraser to Wipe Hard Drive Files

Summary: In this blog, you will read about the importance of deleting files in a safe & secure manner from your hard drives and learn that only a certified file erasure software can delete your files permanently. You will be introduced to BitRaser File Eraser, one of the best file erasure software available to wipe files from a hard drive beyond recovery.

As you work & surf the web on our Mac or Windows PC, you store a lot of data. Your data is stored in the hard drives of your PC or Mac. This data can be of various types such as audio files, videos, documents, images, archives (Zip, RAR) etc. You usually classify this data into folders and sub-folders in the drive to access them easily.

And more than often, you need to delete data stored in the hard drive(s). You can do this for a number of reasons, such as:

1) Data privacy concerns: You need to regularly delete data from your hard drives in order to protect yourself from any kind of data breach or online fraud leading to financial and personal damage. Personal and financial data stored in your PC or Mac drive is sensitive and must be protected from malicious sources at all costs. Even web browsers tend to save your online data such as social media credentials, banking details, etc. for targeted ads and for tracking our activities online. In order to safeguard your data and online privacy, you must erase sensitive data from your drives regularly. 

2) Storage space limit: Drives have a limited storage space. You need to delete data in your PC or Mac drive to make space for new files. 

3) Infected hard drive: This happens when a virus or malware attacks your PC or Mac hard drive and infects the files stored in it. Such virus attacks sometimes result in severe file corruption and unless you delete these files, you are un-able to use the system properly.

4) Discarding PC or Mac: If you are replacing your old system with a new one, it is advisable to completely erase the data present in all drives of the system. If not done, any hacker or data thief can retrieve residual data from these old hard drives and put your privacy at risk.

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How to delete hard drive files?

There are two ways to delete files present in your hard drive. The first way is to use your PC or Mac settings. This simple procedure sends the files you wish to delete to Trash in Mac (Image 1) and Recycle Bin in PC (Image 2). You can then clean you Recycle Bin or Trash and the data appears to be gone from the system.

Image1: Deleting Trash files in Mac
Image 1: Deleting Trash files in Mac
Clearing Recycle Bin in PC
Image 2: Clearing Recycle Bin in PC

The procedure above appears simple and we get the idea that the job is done. However, the files aren’t permanently deleted. Any publicly available data recovery software (even the free ones) can easily recover these files and defeat the purpose of deleting those files in the first place.

Why you should delete your confidential hard drive files permanently?

We live in an age of cyber fraud and identity theft, so it is extremely important to safeguard our data. The unwanted but sensitive data you chose to delete must be deleted permanently. Your PC or Mac settings do give you the option to delete your data but they do not erase the files and folders permanently from your system.

For e.g. if you are selling, donating or dumping an old or unused computer, and you delete your drives using the system settings, you should be aware that anyone can get unauthorized access to your confidential data still present on these drives. It is a fact that entire drives can be retrieved using a powerful data recovery software. The drive may contain your personal photos, passwords, social media credentials, banking details, etc. Any misuse of this information can cause you great personal and financial harm. It is therefore, very important to permanently delete your drives as any mishap like that can expose you to multiple online & physical threats. 

Why you should only trust a professional File Eraser tool to delete your files?

Only a File Erasure software can delete your files in a drive permanently. A file erasure software uses advanced methods to overwrite the data you wish to delete and render that data irrecoverable. One such prominent file erasing tool is BitRaser File Eraser, which permanently deletes unwanted files, folders, application traces, cookies, etc. from your PC or Mac hard drive beyond recovery.

How to use BitRaser File Eraser to delete your files from Mac hard drive

1. Install and launch BitRaser File Eraser for Mac.

2. Select Files & Folders option from the main interface. Click Next.

The left pane of the window displays all the volumes on the computer and the right pane lists the files / folders of the selected volume.

3. Select the desired files to be deleted.

BitRaser file eraser for Mac, displaying the list of files and folders for erasure
Image 3: BitRaser file eraser for Mac, displaying the list of files and folders for erasure

4. From Preferences, select the appropriate erasing option for secure deletion and click Erase button.

6. The Confirm Erasure dialog box appears. Click Confirm Erasure to erase files/folders permanently from your Mac hard drive.

BitRaser File Eraser for Mac, displaying an ongoing erasure process with live status
Image 4: BitRaser File Eraser for Mac, displaying an ongoing erasure process with live status

A message will display after the successful completion of erasure process.

Note: After the successful erasure, you must restart your system.

How to use BitRaser File Eraser to delete your files from Windows hard drive

1. Install and launch BitRaser File Eraser for Windows.

2.  Click on Erase Deleted Data from the left hand side menu pane

3. On the next screen, a list of all your drives will open.

4. Select the desired volume and click Erase Now button

Erase Deleted Data
Image 5: Erase Deleted Data


You should permanently delete the files and folders present in your hard drives to safeguard your online privacy. Only a data erasure tool like BitRaser File Eraser can erase the files permanently and give you complete peace of mind against any unsolicited use of your personal data. BitRaser File Eraser is a DIY tool from Stellar, purpose-built to protect your privacy by securely erasing unwanted but confidential files from your Windows PC or Mac.

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