How to Use Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac?

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Summary: This blog clearly describes how to use Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac software to recover the accidentally deleted data.

We elaborate the essential aspects of this tool, including:

1. Installation
2. How to use?

Download the software from below, decompress the downloaded file, and follow through the quick instructions to get going with the software.


Stellar Data Recovery Premium is a flagship all-in-one software for Mac users to recover lost data, repair corrupt videos and photos, and monitor SSD/HDD health in real-time. Not only that, Mac users can now use the software’s newly included Drive Monitor to clone their storage drive if they need to replace it with a new one with an exact replica, create its backup, or safeguard against permanent data loss when it is severely corrupt. The DIY software is super handy.

  1. First, download the software from its official website, decompress the downloaded file, and double-click the disk image file to mount a virtual volume.
  2. Subsequently, drag the application from the mounted virtual volume to the Application folder. Now, accept the license agreement, choose a preferred language (out of English, German, French, Italian, or Spanish), and perform other settings as per instructions.
  3. Once through with the process, you have installed the software successfully. Proceed to the usage of the software.

How to Use the Software?

The user-friendly software is quite intuitive and does not require any understanding of the data recovery process or know how to implement it in diverse situations. First off, launch the software to interact with its main interface as shown below.

The interface displays the four main tasks: Recover Data, Monitor Drive, Repair Video, and Repair Photo. Each has its respective modules to get the corresponding task done with ease.

For data recovery, click the ‘Recover Data’ feature.

For the sake of clarity, we segregate the recovery steps in four basic operations: Select, Scan, Preview, and Recover. Go through the recovery steps as instructed by the wizard.

For drive monitoring, click the ‘Monitor Drive’ feature. This displays the Stellar Drive Monitor screen, as shown below.

Monitor disk with Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac

Stellar Drive Monitor

All-new drive monitor performs multiple functions. Know disk status, smart status, or disk partition. Scan the disk to map bad sectors or clone the disk. It is a complete drive health doctor.

For repairing damaged videos, click the ‘Repair Video’ feature. The video repair module opens, as shown below.

Stellar Repair for Video

Click ‘Add File’ to insert the damaged files to the video repair engine and click repair to repair your corrupt videos.

Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac

For repairing damaged photos, click the ‘Repair Photo’ feature. The photo repair module opens, as shown below.Stellar Repair for Photo

Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac - Repair Photos

Click ‘Add File’ to feed the damaged photos to the photo repair engine and click Repair to repair your corrupt photos.


The blog introduced the all-rounder software Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac that performs data recovery, repair, and drive monitoring. The software is easy to use and its simplicity has attracted millions of users worldwide. The software has complete APFS compatibility and handles any data loss situation, repairs any kind of corruption in the standard photo and video formats, and dynamically checks the health status of the storage drive. Free download the utility in macOS Catalina, Mojave or lower versions to evaluate the software’s interface, functionality, and benefits.

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