How to import Outlook OST files into Gmail?

Migrating from one email platform to another is always a tough task, especially from Outlook to Gmail. Though Exchange administrators can sync Exchange mailbox with Gmail (via GSMME) to migrate mailbox data directly to Gmail, there is no direct method to import OST file data in Gmail.

An indirect method can help Outlook users to import OST file data in Gmail:

  • Export OST file to PST file
  • Import PST data with the help of G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GSMMO).

Export OST file to PST file:

Microsoft Outlook provides an option to open and export mailbox data to PST file format.

  1. In Outlook, go to Files and click Open & Export
  2. Then, Import/Export wizard
  3. Click Export to a File and select Outlook Data File (.pst)
  4. Select the folder to export and click Next
  5. Click Browse to select the location for saving the exported file
  6. Click Finish and the selected mailbox folder is saved in PST format
  7. Repeat the process to save other folders

Events such as orphaned OST file due to Exchange Server crash and inaccessible OST file due to employee exit or when Outlook is not configured, does not allow users to access the OST file. In that case, Import/Export Wizard is unable to export OST file data to Personal Folders. Such problems can be resolved with the help of OST to PST converter software.

Also, OST converter software allows ‘batch conversion’ of multiple OST files into PST format thus helping in importing data from multiple Outlook data files in a single process.

Software such as Stellar Converter for OST helps select orphaned or inaccessible OST and convert it into PST file. The software also forms a batch of multiple OST files to convert them all to corresponding PST files in a single process.

Download the software and follow the steps for OST to PST conversion:


  1. On the Home Screen of Stellar Converter for OST, click Browse to select the OST file. Alternatively, click Find to search OST file.
  2. Click Convert to start the conversion process.
  3. convert ost file to pst file

  4. The software converts OST file into PST format.
    (Alternatively, click Batch Conversion from the Home ribbon and select multiple OST files to convert) option available in Technician version.
  5. Verify mailbox items and click Save Converted File
  6. Select the checkbox for PST file, click Browse to select a location and click OK.

OST file is saved as PST file.

Import PST data with GSMMO:

GSMMO helps to import PST data – emails, calendars, contacts in Gmail. This migration tool is available for any edition of G Suite. Before starting with the import process, take the following key considerations into account:

  1. Read all GSSMO requirements before installation. Windows XP and Server 2003 are not supported any longer.
  2. Read the Operating System (OS) and Outlook requirements. Upgrade to the latest patches for OS and the supported version of Outlook.
  3. Steps to import OST files in Gmail are different for Outlook administrator and for Outlook user. Refer to the link to administrator setup. Users can setup and use migration tool with the help of steps mentioned at GSMMO User Help  
  4. Change PST file permission from ‘Read only’ to ‘Read/Write’
  5. Administrators have to provision accounts for G Suite before migration. Each user including G Suite Administrator have to sign in to G Suite.
  6. Administrators need to create nicknames, Groups and domain aliases  
  7. GSMMO allows to import the personal contacts only. For Global Address List or GAL, use Google Cloud Directory Sync

Steps to import PST data with GSMMO:

  1. Download and install GSSMO using this link.  Once installation is complete, go to Windows Start menu and open G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Sign-in to G Suite. User the same email address that was used to create G Suite account and enter password to connect to GSMMO.
  3. Choose the data for import. Select the PST file to import the data. The migration tool also allows to import multiple PST files with control-Click option.
  4. Select the data to import. Specify the data to import – emails, contacts, calendar events or all of the above. Uncheck Deleted items and Junk mail. Click Migrate to start the migration process.
  5. Monitor the migration process. Option to ‘Pause and Resume migration’, ‘Restart migration’ and ‘My internet connection went away’ help users to monitor data migration from Outlook data file to Gmail account.


Quite a few users have a query regarding ‘importing OST file data in Gmail’. In this post, we presented the steps to export Outlook data to PST through Import/Export wizard and import that data in Gmail with the help of G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook.

Users may not be able to export their OST file data to PST when the Outlook account is not configured. If such a problem occurs, it can be resolved by using OST to PST Converter software . The software helps to find inaccessible and orphaned OST files and converts them into PST.

Another major advantage of software is that it creates a batch of multiple OST files and converts them into PST files in a single process. Later on, users can export data from multiple PST files to Gmail.

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