JPEG File Corruption and Fixes Explained through Infographics!

JPEG is the most commonly used file format for professional photographers, individuals and all of those who are photo lovers. Following infographic explains to you why JPEG is the most popular file format and how to fix if JPEG got corrupt.



Here are the most common errors associated with a JPEG File


“Invalid Image File Header”

“Invalid Image File Header” error occurs when you try to render jpeg image with Backburner 3dsMax. This happens when the server is not able to find few jpeg images while using internet rendering and when 3dsMax cannot open some of the jpeg files.

“No Preview Available”

 This type of error occurs when there are corrupted or missing headers in the JPEG Files

“Unknown JPEG Format error “

There can be many reasons for this type of error. Please read this post to know more about this kind of error

Invalid JPEG marker type error.”

 This type of error occurred when the JPEG file didn’t save properly in the first place, or you’ve saved a Jpg but as a different format like.PSD or any other file format.

Ways to Fix Corrupt JPEG/JPG Images

  1. It is to be ensured that the file location, file name, file extension, and relative file path are correct to open the JPEG images rightly.
  2. Download Stellar Repair for Photo Software to repair corrupt or damaged JPEG or JPG files. It can also extract thumbnails of badly corrupted images and facilitates to watch a preview of repaired photos before saving.

JPEG REpair JPEG Repair Mac Sierra


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