Recover Data from Large Sized Mac External Hard Drives

External hard drives with bigger size provide an enormous amount of storage spaces to accumulate thousands of videos, photos, songs, documents and applications. However, on the dark side, data is frequently lost or deleted from Mac external hard drives. Unexpected data losses are frustrating. But, you can regain lost data with the best Mac external drive recovery software.

Mac External Drive Recovery Scenario

I, accidentally deleted videos, pictures and documents file formats from my 4 TB external hard drive formatted with Mac’s HFS+ file system. There are numerous file types including NEF, CRW, CR2, DCR, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, M4V, MP4, MOV, WMV, PSD, EPS, MP3 etc. which I need to recover back. How should I recover my deleted videos, pictures and music files from this 4 TB external hard drive efficiently?

Stellar Mac Data Recovery as Solution

The said software supports the recovery of lost and deleted files from Mac-formatted external hard drives. It can scan and recover an external hard drive running HFS, HFS+, FAT, ex-FAT or NTFS file system on Mac. Just plug your affected external hard drive to Mac via the USB port or through FireWire cable and launch the software. Once the Stellar Mac Data Recovery software is launched, follow the below sequential steps to perform data recovery on the large-sized external hard drive.

Step 1) Customize the types of data you want to recover from the external hard drive.

Step 2) As shown in below screenshot, select the external hard drive you want to recover and press scan.

Step 3) Allow the software to complete the scan.

Step 4) Once the scan is through, the software allows you to preview the recoverable pictures, videos, documents, emails and more such data.

Step 5) Select the files you want to save and press Recover.

Stellar Mac Data Recovery successfully recovers required data from Mac based external hard drives.

Another Software Tip for Larger External Drives

Using Stellar Mac Data Recovery software, you can create disk image files of a bigger size external hard drive and then proceed to recover data. Follow the below video/tip to image the external hard drive:

Step 1) Launch Stellar Mac Data Recovery and press ‘Create Image’ option from the menu bar.

Step 2) Select your external hard drive for imaging. Further, you can go to ‘Advanced Settings’ to assign sector range. Remember: Save your disk image files on a destination having enough spaces to accumulate the DMG file.

Step 3) On proceeding, the software will begin creating disk image file of your external hard drive.

Step 4) After some time, the software will create the disk image files.

Step 5) Within the software you can choose ‘Load Scan’ option to recover necessary files from the disk image files of your external hard drive.​

Note: You can divide a large sized external hard drive into multiple disk image files for data recovery.


Your Mac external hard drive can undergo data losses. Nothing is more agonising than losing essential data from Mac external drive either accidentally or intentionally. On the brighter side, Stellar Mac Data Recovery can bring back lost data to life from any size of the external hard drive on macOS. Further, it has a helpful option that creates an image file for recovering external hard drive’s data.

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