New Mac Data Recovery Tool Supports macOS High Sierra 10.13

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Summary: Once you finish reading this blog post; you will be taking away a great deal of information about recovering data from macOS High Sierra 10.13 by using the latest version of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac application.

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New macOS, Still the Same Data Loss Concerns

macOS High Sierra 10.13 is robust, GUI rich and packed with numerous built-in tools to keep your workflow smooth and intact. High Sierra does everything better whatever earlier macOS such as Sierra, El Cap and Yosemite used to do. Though, data losses on macOS High Sierra 10.13 are alarming. Data loss on High Sierra is the outcome of human errors such as moving files to trash and later emptying the trash hurriedly.

Other instances of macOS High Sierra data losses are disk formatting, partition loss, start-up drive failure, and failed High Sierra upgrades, etc. As of now, the failed High Sierra upgrades are the top-notch reasons for data losses. Lastly, many branded external hard drives are not working accurately on High Sierra (drives getting unmounted or unrecognized) is also a concern for the integrity of the contained data.

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A New & Sensational Mac Data Recovery Tool is Here

Stellar Mac Data Recovery Professional is ready to provide its data recovery assistance with a clump of its GUI mounted recovery modules developed exclusively for High Sierra 10.13 recovery.

Recover Data on High Sierra with Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac?

To recover data from your macOS High Sierra start-up disk drive, you require to disable system integrity protection (also knows as S.I.P) and then launch the Stellar Mac Data Recovery Professional.

Disabling System Integrity Protection

Wait for a moment! Does this sound too technical for you to handle? Or are you afraid that disabling System Integrity Protection will affect your Mac hardware?

Here is the answer: Disabling SIP is a temporary activity that allows you to access Mac start-up drive for specific yet essential tasks. Apple has purposely provided the below commands to disable and enable SIP.

  1. csrutil status – to verify if protection is enabled or disabled
  2. csrutil disable – to disable SIP
  3. csrutil enable – to enable SIP

Command (i) runs on the desktop version of the Terminal application. Whereas, Command (ii) and (iii) have to be implemented through Recovery Mode i.e. macOS Utilities Terminal. Read More: How to prepare your macOS High Sierra for data recovery?

After having disabled the System Integrity Protection on Mac, you are set to perform various kinds of data recovery through Stellar Mac Data Recovery Professional application. Below are those helpful videos that will guide you through the registration process and other data recovery process that you should learn for your benefit.

Register Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac

You will be able to register the software for a lifetime with a few clicks.

Recovering Data on High Sierra

Search and recover missing files from macOS High Sierra 10.13 hard drive.  The process is as simple as taking an evening walk in the park.

Deleted Recovery / Empty Trash on High Sierra

Watch the video to recover deleted files from MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air:

Formatted Recovery on High Sierra

No matter if you wrongly formatted a partition or an external hard drive on macOS High Sierra; the bottom line is that you are 100% eligible to restore formatted files back to life.

Missing Partition Recovery on High Sierra

You arrived at the right time since many users have reported data loss issues on their High Sierra secondary partition or BootCamp partition. With Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac, Recovery of APFS, HFS+, NTFS, FAT and ex-FAT partition(s) is a reality.

Remember It’s Powerful Data Recovery Tool

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac has a brand new interface helps you perform data recovery as mentioned-above and a lot more for your Mac.

Alongside this powerful tool, we have a 24X5 available Technical Support

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